Louis Vuitton – Masters, a collaboration with Jeff Koons

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A collaboration between Louis Vuitton and artist Jeff Koons, the ‘Masters’ Collection remixes the iconic artworks of the Old Masters and presents them in a way that encourages new interpretations. Learn more now at http://vuitton.lv/2pm6JFJ.

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xdmax23 says:

Juste magnifique , ma copine la commandé avec vous par téléphone , toujours au top et rapide comme d'habitude .

Annabel Schofield says:

I know everyone is hating this but honestly I'm digging it , I'm glad Louis Vuitton is changing it up a bit and I'm really loving it.

Gryffin says:

Am i the only one who likes it…? (._.)

canal loucura TOTAL 2 says:

What is the name of the song?

nandini n says:

I like the.music

はるか says:


username64144 says:

art does not have to be beautiful

Mackenzie Crick says:

what"s the song

Potato Potato says:

this is disturbing

Greg Hughes says:

what is that song. I want to download it

Luisa Ana says:

terrible "desigen". this "design " is Not design AT ALL. by the way, yesterday passed by the window of LV, and the decorations were horrible, several pares of eyes just stared to every passingby……………..

Gabi Maria says:

am I the only one who liked the bag???

Mouna SAQUAQUE says:

Cocreation at its highest level! Some people are just gifted with art…they just tune into their higher vibes and see other dimensions that they share with us through their work.
Breathtaking. Thank u for the inspiration ❤️

ChironList says:

This Video Is Age Restricted

Carla Henderson says:

I liked it, great job

Brian tricolor says:

Quem veio só por causa da música dê um like.

2bminam says:

good ad and bad bag (´・ω・`)

Mrina awx says:

la cosa più strana però none niente male?

Maitre Ines JAIBI says:

The only good thing in this ad and new collection is the SONG !!

Yes hah says:

Ong this is kinda cool

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