Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM in Empreinte Terre

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Read me… :)) Dear Follower, This was a highly requested video/review about my new Lumineuse PM in Empreinte and it was my pleasure to do it for you. Thank …

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housewifeofSC says:

Awesome choice Nastasia! That color is so stunning! Looks amazing against
your skin tone. Love it!!

arentUlovely says:

The color is amazing. Because it’s a neutral color it can go with any



louisv83 says:

Nas your reviews are always soo great!!!! keep it up

MSpanders10 says:

What a great review, love the bag! 

Shanti Sangit says:

This bag is in my top 3..don’t have Artsy yet but we will see. I
absolutely love Lumi and wouldn’t mind this bag in multiple colors. Great
review as always!

supercutie1357 says:

I really like the empreinte leather you have been purchasing lately. Very

Lisa LV says:

Omg!! U sold your DE NF, i was regret when I sold it! Anyways I’m saving
money to buy the NF gm now instead of the mm. Beautiful bag you have there.
The NF still look better on u from my point of view. :)

Sandra Hutchinson says:

Luv your bag hun!

Angie Ferrara says:

Great video Nastasia!

Jolene DiB says:

Very pretty bag, I always carry too much stuff and my bags are too
What can you do? Oh well
Have a great day :)

Yuppiecamper1 says:

I love watching your videos. And they are very helpfull for me, to decide,
which LV purse I am going to buy next.Enjoy your new bag.

NN Fudzy says:

Between speedy and lumi which one should I get first?

juliet12383 says:

Love new bag! As always everything!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Is this neverfull MM?

missfrasier1 says:

Your makeup is gorgeous but this video is your best

handbaglvr says:

Great review, the Lumi is so gorgeous. I love all the detail and bling on
it. It’s gorgeous in Terre. Don’t forget to do the bandeau on your OOTD.

Alisa Nicole says:

I wish I knew you were selling your NF MM. I would have wanted to buy it
from you since I know your items are authentic. 🙂 Why did you choose to
sell the DE of all the 3 prints you have? I love your new bag, BTW. Great

Kamilla T says:

Love the review and Love the bag! It’s still on my wish list :))

Kelly Schulte says:

Thank u so much for your videos!! U explain and show the bags etc exactly
how I want to see them with every detail!! Hope that I can have a
collection as amazing as yours!! You are the only one on You Tube that
should show and explain any Louis Vuitton or any handbag/accessories! Love
your attention to detail, as I feel the same way!

whymett2011 says:

I see why you choose the DE because if this color you really wouldn’t use
the DE as much now that you have this bag so great choice I just love this
bag but I thought it might be to big for me I will need to check it out at
the stores great review doll 


you chose a great color, the hardware really pops on it! love your reviews

julia bowen says:

Gorgeous bag Nastasia !! Enjoy.

Mecildes Dutra says:

Loveeee it

Livenlaugh2006 says:

You re the queen of LV lolll..

Sandra Hutchinson says:

That’s such a beautiful bag hun!

Leilani Kapoor says:

Wow … Nastasia, I continually MARVEL at how often you buy NEW Louis
Vuitton bags!! You must have an endless supply of money! I can’t get over
it …
That said, that latest addition is lovely :D

cocacola988 says:

Love this bag great review as always! Can you to a review on the alma bb

Toulouse757 says:

Great Bag

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