Louis Vuitton Key Pouch

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More photos of my Louis Vuitton Cles/Key Pouch here: http://cindyyanglee.blogspot.com/2013/11/louis-vuitton-key-pouch.html. Mod pics with my little DE family…

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Stephanie Rose says:

love your chain for ur mini pochette where did u get it? i wanna get one
for mine and can u did a video on it with the chain.

MNicoleChic says:

First, congratulations on being accepted into graduate school. Second, love
your new piece. I just purchased the same cles a few weeks ago. Love it.

SirbgWanker says:

I just have a plain key-ring :-(

Joshua Caudell says:

What Degree are you going for in Grad School, Mrs. Lee?

Babyface6200 says:

Are you a med student?

anash5597 says:

Are you in the L.A area ?

simbogee says:

is chigargo anywhere near, Albuquerque new mexico? I love Al Bundy. Ive
been following your v-blog since you showed us your abs. I’m from Melbourne
australia, you should follow my channel simbogee for live music from
melbourne with high quality sound…. good luck with your new direction in
life got 6:10 though this video

azn53xwizflex says:

Are you wearing shorts because I hear you slapping your thighs at 8:20 ish.

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