Louis Vuitton: How & Where to buy Pre-LVoed

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One of my most requested video on YouTube. Hopefully I can help you guys out and answer any questions you might have. Please rate, like, subscribe! Stay Fabu…

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Daisy Cortes says:

Wow! And I thought I had a lot of purses
Glad to say I was wrong lol :)

Maritza Zuniga says:

what is your seller name on ebay

Thalia Moreno says:

Great video, would you suggest any sellers on ebay?

Deborah Gibson says:

I appreciate your videos, I will have to look for you on EBay as I woukd
trust making a purchase from you after watching your videos. I have only
purchased designer bags, LV is my choice. Only have 4 pcs but hope to
increase my collection going into 2015. Bless you Minks. Regards Debbie

Kalinna Henrik says:

I want to thank you for posting this video and talking about Fashionphile.
This generated a momentum or better said gave me the courage to buy form
this site. I got my bag today and I am super duper happy with the purchase.
I must admit at first I was feeling a little iffy about it but I’m over
it and I love my new bag. Thank you Mini I truly appreciate you for this.

Marion Skowronski says:

Great Video again! Today I bought a 20 year old Pochette Accessoires
MONOGRAM on Ebay – I think it was round about 150 $ (169 €) . Its the old
one without the D-Ring. Maybe the Guys in the Store will add it for me. In
some cases they do it for free I heard. Hope its easier than in your case
with the azur zippy wallet 😛 Kisses from Germany, Mary


Ayanna Harris says:

What LV items would you say are best to purchase pre-loved vs brand new?
What’s really worth the investment in your opinion?

eileenthequeen74 says:

Hi 🙂 I was wondering if you’ve had any experience with Malleries? They
seem legitimate, but prices are reasonable for being luxury..what’s your

GwenEntrance says:

Not sure if you every sell your bags. If you do, can you consider doing a
video on how and where to sell your luxury bags? Thanks in advance!!

bella bells says:

Darling love your video please reply have a few questions….Thanks. First
the websites you mentioned at the end are they; http://www.fashionphile.com and
http://www.therealreal.com …??? Also if not can you please tell me? and is there
ANY chance of their items being fake? ………..thanks alot love xxx 

Anna Overcash says:

This has nothing to do with the video, well it kinda does, but you are so

Greenohlover says:

Mini.. Thx for sharing…. Do you mind share your eBay acct… Just in case
you wanna sell… Lol
Always enjoy ur video

Lisa yvette says:

what are your thoughts about Tradesy??

Virgocloud says:

So happy i didn’t have a problem buying my 2 preloved LV’s off of Ebay.
Love that i can still get a great bag without paying top dollar. #BOMB.COM
lol :)

Diva Andrea Nyhus says:

Love your video 🙂 I got a LV Ambre..bought it from Japan …from eBay. A
100% seller :)….I`m in love with my bag 🙂 My husband took it to Oslo for
validation and it`s real 🙂 Have a great day. Love from Norway :)

Aqila Yasmin says:

You r the best ❤️

missfrasier1 says:

EBay brandoff is the best. Anything from japan. Awesome video

khaled Ibrahim Salief says:

What a great video Hun , thank you !!

hannah snyder says:

Please do a real vs fake LV bag video!! (: you’re amazing. 

CatHarlem says:

Thanks for the great information. I’ve been considering making a purchase
from The RealReal.

Amala Yunyong says:

Your link for your Facebook is wrong for here….

justjalecia says:

Hi. Do you mind telling me your ebay name? I would like to see what items
you have for sale. Thanks

R Fuller says:

Great advice heard some negative info lately though about the real real not
sure what’s up with that…. yoogis is my favorite and their prices are
almost always less than fashionphile but their stuff sells so fast.
fashionphile is great too. sold and bought with them both and have nothing
but good things to Say. one thing i think you really missed though was
getting the prelived item authenticated. you never even covered that. that
is a huge piece imho you can use a few authentication services fir a small
fee or the lovelies at thepurseforum can authenticate as well if you are a
member. always always get your preloved item authenticated no matter where
you buy it from!!!!!

Robina Mcknight says:

Great video, yes I love Fashionphile I just bought something from there
last week, I didn’t know you sell on eBay, how can I look you up on eBay :)

Amara says:

Are you currently selling on eBay? And if so what’s your seller name?

maliha083 says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing! I love your ring too!! Where is it
from? It’s beautiful! 

Reina Sanchez says:

Hi, I just ordered a Louis Vuitton Galliera from Yoogiscloset and was able
to get 10% off for liking their Facebook page. I can’t wait to receive it. 

Beatriz Flores says:


Gigi S. says:

Fashionphile by far is the most expensive. The majority of their items are
overpriced. You are basically paying them for a premium because they are
the largest preloved website in the country and you KNOW they are
authentic. They offer people $1,000 for a bag and then list it for $3,500. 

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