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Just watch the video – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Matthew Marriott says:

i prefer the president. More expensive but worth it

Robyn, Dan'swife (Dan's wife) says:

Faboulous hun, Congrats… absolutely to die for…..

Nway Aye Maung says:

Big congratulations for your holy grail biggggggg boyyyyyyyyyyy Ash!!!! Wow!

Liana Roa says:

that's a beautiful piece wow! congrats!!!

mizzymolly says:

Congrats! Such a nice piece, and it's going to age beautifully! Now you've got me thinking what I want my next LV piece to be.

Michael Plummer says:

happy for you bro

The Chanelista says:

I love my hardsided. I use one particular case everyday. They're incredibly resilient- you don't have to be precious! Enjoy.

Crouton S says:

A work of art! You deserve it for all your hard work. ENJOY!!

Brooke Blake says:

This is so beautiful on you, the workmanship, the lovely brass…just make sure you NEVER check your LV hardsides at the airline. Ideally, the larger cases which can't be brought on board commercial flights are for private planes. Make sure this qualifies for carry on.

HermesLVDiva1976 says:

congrats that is truly a holy grail piece! enjoy it.

Kimberly Christen says:

You are amazing !! Love love your videos ?

Bradshaw says:


Patsy Lowe says:

It's really a lovely piece. Enjoy it :-)

Tiara Chapman says:

Stunning! Your enthusiasm is contagious!

rubypurple says:

happy for you! :)

JD Bassi says:

He spent $4700 on this. I know a nigga that sell this for 50 bucks and No one would even know the difference. lol

Cloudburst2000 says:

Congrats on the new piece! It is really lovely, and it is actually a great value. I expected it to be much more expensive then that. That's less expensive then a mass produced Chanel flap bag, and it looks to be of impeccable quality. So maybe in the future, a handmade LV piece will be in my sights over a Chanel flap.

Yacov Lk says:

This is a nice item but nowhere near the quality or class of Globetrotter luggage of London. LV has started to become rather trashy now.

Davida Singleton says:

Hello Ashley! Do you allow personal intimate questions about yourself?! I thought I would ask before I come out and ask you. I respect you and I love your videos!!

LizaMTL says:

Why did I think that this would cost wayyyyy more?! That's 5200$ CDN. So temptedddddd. Gorgeous piece!

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