Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel double jumbo purse 2013 haul

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Follow me on Instagram; lovehellokitty2much (selling my Louis Vuitton bags) Sorry for the hot mess I am currently not feeling well.

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shopolicious says:

love these pieces – did you buy all these in Seattle or head down to Portland?

hannahmontanafan208 says:

she uses her husband for money, duhhhh

bacon says:

I am curious to know how you afford all the luxury items? an average person just can’t. I am sorry if I am to blunt with my question.

Abbey Mugroso says:

Loving your flap 🙂
congrats on your 2013 haul.

bjtaylor02 says:

Beautiful bag! I love the clic clac as well 🙂

colormemakeup says:

that chanel bag is gorgeous. I just can’t see spending that much money on something I had to baby so much! I would never wear it lol

heartsnicky says:

Love the bags x

youngandthetasteless says:

The bags are gorgeous.

MsMACChic says:

Beautiful bags! I’m enjoying my black caviar double flap maxi! Love it! Trying to sell my black caviar GST which I’ve always wanted but never use for some reason!

MNicoleChic says:

Stunning pieces.


Wow the red is popping. Luv the Naif bagcharm with the LV. The Chanel bags are down payments on cars..lol. My next acquisition from Chanel is the Caviar Maxi Double flap. Currently selling for 5, 999. Yikes!! Thanks for sharing. (-;

hannah deluv says:

That chanel is really beautiful. Wow!

MSpanders10 says:

Love your haul especially the LV Alma it’s gorgeous! Thanks so much for a wonderful video!

Ms1prprincess says:

What size is the Hermes bracelet I know you said gm but in inches

Nattie Bruin says:

Glad you are back. Love, love your buys. Beautiful color!

TheGothikitty says:

Great to see you back and kicking Julia

ineedpatience247 says:

Beautiful purchases!

angeldessert says:

oh my gosh, everything you got was absolutely amazinggggg~ and i figure the red color fits you so well, sweetie, awesome taste!

wenjing huang says:


ashleeabella says:

great haul girl love the chanel i need one more chanel bag in my life 🙂

selena graham says:

Love the haul and you have such an amazing style.

lvlover72 says:

Love all your items !

MsBlueMaude says:

Great haul! Lovely pieces 🙂

Samantha M says:

Lovely haul, thanks for sharing! x

chrisjaycabello says:

Missed you updated, when you return it’s always with an awesome update! Thank you sharing, and enjoy your pieces! Keep them rolling! 🙂 JNC

MsMakeupLover78 says:

Lovely haul.

babiigurlzlol says:

i love your bags! cant wait to see your future purchase of the caviar bag!!

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