Louis Vuitton Haul!

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via YouTube Capture.

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ddgladiva says:

Wow, great haul. Glad you talked about the sequins because I’ve been
wondering how sturdy they were. I love the Sarah wallet, it’s my favorite

MSpanders10 says:

Love your haul, please do a review down the road on the pro’s and con’s of
your zippy wallet and sarah wallet. Love your video’s. 

Cormac IRL says:

Great Haul Bobby, the sequin zippy in blue looked great! Congrats! :)

Coka Rabbit says:

the new sequin wallet is soooo pretty!!! and I’m impressed about the
details!!! and the extra stamping is special too!!!

BEE L says:

Hi love your zippy wallet!! Very nice, thanks for sharing and hope to see a
review on it later to see if the sequence holds up good! 

Lvlover72 says:

Love both wallets!! Really cute!

dougdz11 says:

love love love the ikat in grand bleu!!! ^.^

pimpgerbilmouse says:

I have the red and pink rayures sarah wallet and it’s my favorite!!!

sonicfan1984 says:

you should make a wallet collection video

Melissa Lawless says:

Great haul! The sequin zippy is gorgeous. I was curious about how they
would hold up too, but I guess with all that stitching it was built to

accordingtoAlaska says:

after you used your sarah wallet for a while you should do a comparison
with the zippy! I would love to know your opinion!

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