“LOUIS VUITTON” Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 Paris HD by Fashion Channel

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Tadzio5050 says:

All I could think looking at that was, Karl Lagerfeld has done it all before and a bit better.

I am not a fan of Mr Jacobs and so I’m a bit happy that someone else will finally have a go.

Perhaps they could hire John Galliano….a fresh start for everyone!

paranoidandroid1997 says:

that would be so amazing

paranoidandroid1997 says:

i see at leats parts of the sets of at least five past collections, wonderful

Roberto Carlos Torres Reyes says:

u_u we’ll miss u marc u_u

Cherisse Fx says:

was he fired?

Ian Walton says:

I’m almost sure it’s not The Hours :/

zacatecas570 says:

The Hours – Philip Glass

JeSuisUnEscargot says:

might be nicholas ghesquiere

Alexandre Morita says:

tetramery – ryan teague

sopy130 says:

Who is going to take jacob’s place now he is finished?

PhilBe12 says:

can someone tell me the name of the music pls?

Littleathquakes says:

Eva Herzigova, Natasha Poly and Kate Upton were on the carousel horses.

Valentina Zapata says:


TheGaudyGirlExchange says:

Blown away! I’m designing a kids collection for mbfw and this is just confirmation on my designs. Your fabulous. Sad to see Marc Jacobs got you’re a one of a kind. INSPIRED

Sharon Boucquez says:

Wow beautiful! I wasn’t a fan of Louis Vuitton, but this collection really surprises me. Also the decoration is beautiful. Haute Gothic!

pietr11 says:

and the name of the songs, pleas?

zacatecas570 says:

All I know this is Philip Glass

Phạm Daniel says:

is that all previous seasons now join together? Its look kinda very sad:(

Trí Thức Nguyễn says:

Natasha Poly , She’s Back

J Rios says:


pietr11 says:

songs, pleas?

anthony williams says:

i never knew a goth grunge showgirl could feel so right this is marc’s best collection 

le garde-rob says:

The set was a retrospective from some of his previous show ..the carousel , the clock from the show with the train, the stairs from last summer…it’s to represent his career with a sadness.. I think it was beautiful!

modeling4Fashion says:

Anyone agree that the first look was a little too much like the grafitti line from the ltd. stephen sprouse collection?

Sam Anthony says:

I have two problems with this, the first is this looks almost identical to McQueen’s late 90’s era stuff, and the second is the ridiculously complicated runway; elevators, a fountain, escalators, a merry-go-round, it was just too much.

m dl says:

Sorry this is just too creepy. The only missing thing is an inverted cross and everything is complete. I’m not even religious and I find it a bit much. Clothes are fine, but just too much negativity and I don’t like been shoved covert religious messages from either the good or the bad side, I can make my own choices, don’t need the brainwashing.

Manuel Ruiz says:

Good by Marc, Next !!!

MadaverOfficial says:


Acacia López says:

The clothes may be perfectly done, but this looks like a scary movie.

Archi Zoom says:

yeah right you were. ordinary citizens like i assume you are, are not allowed. on those seats sat buyers, journalists, editors, photographers and celebrities. and it doesn’t matter whether or not you were there in person cause what you would’ve seen, i’m seeing right here. i think he’s rubbish so i’m actually happy to see the back of him. Its time to put someone talented in the front seat

Acacia López says:

Is this last Marc Jacobs collection at Louis Vuitton???

samuele failli says:

Shut up please! I was at the show this morning and the clothes are amazing… perfectly done and it was not just about the clothes, it was a good bye after 16 years at LV.

samuele failli says:

Marc people who knows about fashion will miss you…

Archi Zoom says:

now chanel needs to lose karl lagerfeld.

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