Louis Vuitton Exchange & Chanel, Ikea Haul!!

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ALL THE DETAILS ARE IN HERE▽▽ Todays Video is my Haul/ Exchange from Louis Vuitton and Ikea that you saw in my last Vlog with my Mum as we ran around Sydney and took you with us!!…

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trina leavers says:

huni,i am with you girl,i try colour but just keep going back to black ,why
fight it huni xoxoxoxoxo

Szys says:

Good choice!! I love my noir cles!! I got it first, then got the red cerise
after!! But not sure about the red, I think I’m gonna return it!! It has
some imperfections on the red on mine too!! Great IKEA haul!

xraygigi says:

Jerusha, a crown befitting the Queen of Cles you are! =)
Happy you got the cles that felt right for you.
I bought the red..but know that eventually black will follow me home too.
Love your Ikea haul, especially the bookcase/organizer.
Have the smaller version, and its proven to be a wonderful storage unit.

Until your next video… xox

Shanti Sangit says:

Glad you got the empriente piece that felt good and right to you. I’ve had
to return one bag in the past and it was awful! I mean LV treated me great
but that feeling… Great haul and love the organizer piece you picked up
from Ikea too…I need to organize so badly…sigh.

Laura Greenfield says:

Love the Cles! Yes I had to exchange my PM agenda after 3 weeks because the
spine was loose but they were amazing and gave me a new one and damaged the
return out. Now I will look even closer when I get my next purchase. 

Arielle Cristiana says:

i’ve been loving your vlogs jerusha! so fun following your days 🙂 that
cles is just stunning <3

Bugn LVoe says:

The fact that you got the Noir makes me love you more. Because you are who
you are. You know what you like. 😀 ~ XOXO

Joana Richard says:

No thats not the way you say cerise 🙂 This man maybee stupid 🙂 You need
to tell him to learn French!

kvloveslv says:

Very happy that u got what u wanted. It’s a better feeling than regretting.
Love ur flower crown! 

LinneaK says:

The glasses named GODIS means candy in english. I’m swedish and ikea is

Celita Guia says:

I loved everything and I really love the Cles, it’s beautiful! After
watching this I feel the need to go to Ikea too. Have a great day and
thank you for sharing!

Elsa Barrera says:

Love your energy in each video, it’s just contagious! xoxo

Grant Heino says:

Hey lovely, great video! Happy that you returned the item- defects on a
luxury good is pretty unacceptable. Happy that you got the colour change
too, I’m not a noir boy myself but it is very you.

I’ve got my eye on a piece in Infini before the year is out… hoping to
invest in a bag, but which one?

ALSO! Your Ikea unit is gorgeous, but reminds me of one my good friend has
from Ikea which is taller and wider by the looks of it. I’ve helped her
move twice, and reassembling that monster takes HOURS! The shelves are held
in place by an interlocking gravity system or something… Always ends in
us screaming at it and taking hours to build :S

Love, love, loving your videos. You inspired me to start my own channel :)

Chanelbuddy255 says:

You look like a goddess with the flower in your hair

YT Best Long Nailed Girls Group says:

I love all your stuff and I was impressed by the beauty of your nails. I
especially liked the sound of tapping on glass. Please do Nail videos or
ASMR Nail videos. Kisses.

JerushaCouture says:

I’m Super Hippie Chic today!! But Honestly if you are ever unsure with your
high end purchases defiantly make that exchange!! it can be a pain but
worth it! thanks for watching Jerusha

Rebecca Shaw says:

Girllll. Love the hippie look 😉 

ismahaine el says:

I want this Pochette clef sooooo bad:-))) this will be my next lv item….
By the way, the prononciation of this guy from the lv hotline is wrong, the
color cerise, (means cherry) in french the c is like s in english sooo if
you would write it like you say it , you would write it like so SERISE
;-)))) ( i was born in france in Nimes , in the south , and i grow up

fide torres says:

beautiful long nails

The World According To Lisa says:

Love what you change the lv for I adore that colour I think mspanda has
that colour as well..how are you going to wear this one ..Like for money or
cards or loose change? I want to TAG you to to my tag the LOVE IT, NEED IT,
WANT IT TAG…..and THE BLACK BAG TAG ( which is a collection of all your
black bags) i would be honoured it you wanted to do them…I also sent you an
email regarding the luggage tags..
love Lisa

Pam Snyder says:

Love you & your videos! You just shipped out my Jerusha pouch. Can’t
wait! I also have my Fashionphile delivery coming Thursday…a pair of
Chanel sunglasses and a LV Montorgueil. I also have a great collection
that I started about two years ago. I’m 64 years old and just wished I
would have started 30 years ago. I enjoy watching you & mum. It’s so
beautiful to see the great relationship you two have. Blessings and love
sent from West Virginia!

GlamouratziGurl says:

That Cles just fits you so perfect the color and all. The red one just
seemed off. Love your videos. 

belinda jess says:

It’s beautiful. I just bought the montaigne in noir and it is just amazing.
I love it!!!!! Had a chuckle at your ikea haul – I have the same bath mat
and linen!!!! What is with the price of the pillows?!?!? Wowser :)

Kayla Rodriguez says:

Hey girl! I’m going to New York in March and I’m planning on purchasing my
first Louis Vuitton item! I’m trying to stay under $350. What would you
suggest me purchasing as my first piece?

Marsha Johnson says:

Have u ever thought about cutting ur hair? I’m a hair freak and I can’t
help it when I watch ur videos to think u wud look so cute in a cute short
Bob hair style.
BTW ur Mothers hair style is Awesome. She’s a veryretty lady as well r u!
You look just like her!

Josie Jefferson says:

I just recently found your channel and I absolutely love your
videos….especially your vlogs!! ❤️

Everyday Glam says:

You have to be happy with your items otherwise every time you go to use it
you get that pang of regret. Still trying to decide on a SLG in
empreinte… As always love your video. As soon as I see you pop up in my
sub box I have to watch :)

Beeneelicious says:

What’s your hubby’s restaurant? Always looking for new places to check out

Ada Solly Styling says:

Very nice. I want the Speedy or the Montagne handbag in that leather now. 

Kat Chappell says:

Hey jerusha! I will have to visit Louis Vuitton bondi junction as well when
I visit Sydney xxx loved yr Louis Vuitton exchange xxxxx

Angie Ferrara says:

Love the video Jerusha! That cles is amazing! Stunning! Excellent choice.

huesito111 says:

Love you and your energy! Definitely not a fan of the flower thing though,
I don’t think it’s too flattering (and I mean on anyone, not just you!)
Glad you returned the item if you weren’t 100% percent on it!

爾本米斯柳 says:

I just went and bought the Louis Vuitton multi color make up pouch because
of you! And I love it!

Marlene Perez says:

Love the haul and ikea my favorite home store. You look soooooooo cute with
that crown xoxo from NYC 

Eden Em says:

Honestly, the black is extremely chic and I think you made the right
decision with it! Great items Jerusha. All the best xo

lily Frausto says:

I love your Louis Vuitton purchase I want it ❤️ I’ve never stepped in a
Louis Vuitton store I need to lol

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