Louis Vuitton Empriente Cles in Noir Review!

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Hi, had a request to do a review on my brand new Louis Vuitton Empriente key Cles in noir! Hope u enjoy!

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Axe Xen says:

Can a passport fit in that key pouch?

lakingya johnson says:

I jut ordered this yesterday and cannot wait to get it! I must have watched this video 10 times already!

Adrienne Dudley says:

I am debating between the original mono and the one you have in the rose ballerine❤️

kcmo208 says:

Great review. Do you still use and love this piece?

Glen Daly says:

I love your reviews. Your home seems beautiful, I love the crown molding around the door, and the marble on the walls, it's stunning.  But why do you do reviews in your bathroom?

Kat 0126 says:

Can you do your LV collections please? I just love watching ur channel

Beauty Geek says:

Thank you for this video! I have both key pouches and have been trying to decide how to use each one. I don't want my monogram one to not get any use now that I just got my empriente. But that's a great idea, to use the empriente for errands when you only need to carry the essentials. Do you have any rose ballerina empriente pieces? My key pouch is that shade and I hope it doesn't get discolored. I just HAD to have it though! 😀 Thanks again for the video, it was very helpful!

RoseEllina says:

Thank you for a wonderful review, this was super helpful to me! How has is worn so far, especially the glazing? Thanks xx

Dlux Edition says:

Very informative video! Thank you! How durable is the leather (scratches & stains)?

Nikki V says:

lovely pc, is it being discontinued? I want this pc…:-)

Leo Lion LV says:

Beautiful! I always enjoy your videos!

L Lam says:

Great review. You absolutely sold me on this cles. This will be my first cles from lv! 😊 I was looking for something small to fit in my new Chanel mini flap and your video really helped me decide. Thank you for sharing. Btw..if I purchase the red empreinte cles and my Chanel mini is black leather, will there be color transfer concerns? Or should I purchase the black one?

Nicole Dean says:

I am so happy to see that this holds so much.  I just ordered the noir like yours.

Thy Yu says:

Wow that fits a lot! Are you afraid of the lip gloss leaking at all? Thanks for the review! Lovely bathroom btw!

coachgirl82 says:

Nice review ^_^ I just bought one too (same color).  Also make sure you don't put too much in there if you're using it as a car key holder because the weight can damage your car's ignition

Hourii Bunga says:

This review is sooooo helpful. Thank u soo much. I already have the de one. I use it for my cards. But i needed one that have another compartment for coins. The empreinte would be perfect. And d black is gorgeous. And now i cant stop thinkin of it

FijiChic says:

Great video:) Have you seen the Terre color, and if so, what are your thoughts on it? I'm looking to add this piece to my collection for my first empreinte cles:)

Aracelis Correa says:

Beautiful piece!!

altertheskyy1 says:

that's crazy that cles is 11 years old!??! such good condition…. probably because when you bought it LV was still making higher quality goods… seems like nowadays the canvas is super thin

Joann Wright says:

Beautiful piece, thanks for taking the time to share with us. Love this 

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