Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet Reveal/Review!

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Just a passionate LV enthusiast.

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Oli cad says:

2 things I saw in this video

1. Julie has at least 400$ in her wallet
2. She has more money than me.

Morgan Odom says:

I sub to you today because I like when u smile and u seem like a very nice person. I look forward to the videos you create in the future!

shecanreadd says:

"…Like, girl. You ain't Julie Vu." Hahah. You're the best.

ladymeow01 says:

I love how neat the cash is ;p
loved the wallet ! I want a new one so differently considering this

Sarah Hong says:

He looks and acts so much like a real girl. Wow! I am impressed that you're able to pull it off… 99% of guys wouldn't have the confidence to act as feminine as you do.

olivia azmi says:

Are you a real woman?

Joe Thomas says:

damn girl Mac & cheese. Mac'n and making cheese pretty wallet first & for most your so pretty I can listen 2 u talk about your wallet all day?shot out downtown van city people but west is the best park royal all day??

Alice Han says:

one of my friends ran into you in Vancouver and she told me that you were really approachable.???really glad to hear that there are non haughty youtubers out there

Caen loh says:

"so if someone steals my wallet, girl, you ain't Julie Vu" HAHAH she's so cute

Cody Ortega says:

Love it!!! hope u do more!

Vandy Keophonexay says:

You're better off as princesses sparkles then mother sparkles.. mother sparkles seems more like a person with kids and a little older.

Suzie Wong says:

I have the same wallet, absolutely luv it. Chinese characters can be hotstamp at bellagio lv.

Lucy Wang says:

Lol, can't believe you compared a LV wallet to toilet paper.

TheFuries99 says:

you do you julie treat yo self but damn thats rlly expensive lol :00

Kylee Lee says:

I have the Josephine wallet which I love same print and everything yessssssss

50PLUS2013 says:


Kevon Lewis says:

I advise you to put your passport in a more secure place instead of your wallet. Because given the fact that the chances of misplacing your wallet is high, you wouldn't want to have lost your passport of all things. Just a tip.

GlamazonElite says:

I have this wallet with a pink button and pink interior.

I don't put coins in the zipper part because the coins stain and fade that part over time- making it very dirty and old looking. I put more credit cards/ business cards in that part…

The 6Plus can fit, with no case, too!!!

Jiajia LI says:

HAHAHAHAHA 1ply vs. 2 ply toilet paper LOL I love your videos!!!!

Bianca Tete says:

Wow…… Why do you walk around with so much money,I'd feel uncomfortable. ☺️

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