Louis Vuitton DOUBLE Unboxing! 2016 | PocketsandBows

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Louis Vuitton DOUBLE Unboxing 2016

Please Watch in HD for Better Quality 🙂

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Direct Link to my Bag: http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/alma-bb-damier-ebene-006420

Direct Link to my SLG: http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/key-pouch-monogram-000941
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You will receive a $10 gift card on top of CASH BACK!


*All items mentioned in this video were purchased by me.

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Holly Miller says:

How long is the strap? I'm 5'7"

Holly Miller says:

I've been wanting that bag so bad. Exactly like this!! Hopefully for Christmas lol

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

Beautiful bag :)

jenf836 says:

It would be nice for you to do more ootd and at least 2 vids a week

Marsha Johnson says:

Love the alma bb..!

rachel matos says:

I agree with you about lv losing its mystique. It's become a bit common or "attainable" if you will just because of the flooding of the market by preloaded sites as well as the fakes that are out there too. Nonetheless I still love the brand but I do hesitate now before making some purchases. 

CogMarks says:

I totally love the Alma BB in DE. It is perfect for Fall/Winter. You are absolutely precious in your video. It is nice to see a Southern woman showing Lux on YouTube.

shenine says:

I enjoyed

T Pink says:

Great video! What lipstick are you wearing?

FMAYA 69 says:

Congrats for you first bag… Trust me a few months later you will think of the second purchase and so forth lol… I have both bags, my delightful is for casual wear and the Alma is one of LV iconic classic bags and can be worn day and night. I have the Alma BB in Vernis and I love them all. Enjoy her and congrats once again. x

BeautyandLux says:

Congratulations sweetie! Gorgeous goodies! The alma bb surprisingly fits so much! Love everything about it! Enjoy it sweetie! Thank you for sharing!✨?❤️✨

uniquebreez says:

Very nice bag. I am saving for the damier tote. I am so in love with it. Enjoy your purchases.

passionatereader isme says:

I like the structured look. ??

BRIAN says:

Cles means key in french?

Ne'Shell Johnson says:

Thanks for sharing, I went in to the LV store in Green Hills and the staff was so friendly and helpful. I was on the fence about really spending that much on a bag but they where so helpful and these vids are so helpful… I think I'm ready to take that step❤

DearMe1981 says:

I'm commenting as I watch lol. But I have the delightful mono and I barely use it. I bought it may 2015 and I think it's been in the box more than being used. It's a great everyday but it's just big and casual to me. So I think you made a perfect choice.

DearMe1981 says:

I'm not a small purse person so I'm very curious to how much this bag can hold. You definitely have to do a what's in my bag vid for this.

DearMe1981 says:

Ma'am we are not supposed to be shopping lol.

M. Ross says:

Hey did you give plus size fashion channel permission to use your picture? I seen you on her channel and several more plus size women.

Jaida McKie says:

I definitely know what you mean by LV losing its umph, but I've been in love with the Alma for at least 3 years. I never knew they had that style in a smaller version. I eventually want to get one, but I want it in a solid color and I LOVE a good crossbody bag!

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