Louis Vuitton Desert Boot + LV Bandeau Review

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Review on the Louis Vuitton Desert Boot
Review on Louis Vuitton Bandeau
Pictures of my outfit
Plus the story on how I found the sold out Desert Boot after searching 3 countries.

If you want to skip the story, The desert boot review starts at:

If you want to skip to the bandeau review, it starts at:

Boots can be found at:


Bandeau can be found at:


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Patty Perez says:

I came across your video because I just bought these boots and wanted a review on sizing and then you said T Galleria and okinawa and I was like no way! We are stationed here as well! And Mio is my sells associate too🤣 we need to connect and go shop together😆 my IG is patty.g.perez

ItsMe Daysha says:

Do you still love the boots? I saw these pop-up on LV's site recently, but I hesitated to pull the trigger. Thanks

Keyauna Ferguson says:

I'm your 150th subby and I love you! We have the same skin color, build ect. I can't wait for you to grow! You are going to be incredible! I love your shoes and makeup girl!

Elmina Ficklin says:

I’ve been debating about this boot but I think it’s safe to say I’m gonna grab them 😩😩😍😍

Erica Cortes says:

Hi is there a code Inside of these boots

Jay Dee says:

i just ordered them only, im soo excited!!

ThatGirlLuttie says:

I love this I’m just starting my channel on hauls/ Reviews I Had To subscribe 😘😘😘

Jessica McIntosh says:

what's your insta handle please

Beatbydom says:

I want these sooo bad sold out ugh

Nicole Novo says:

I’m a new subscriber. Absolutely AMAZING boots. LOVELY Louis Vuitton bandeau! You look GORGEOUS today! 🙂

Do Good '17 says:

Hi! Great review! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on finding the boots!! What size shoe do you normally wear in the U.S., an 8? Thanks!

Mickey says:

That LV boot 😍


Wonder if people would’ve wanted if it wasn’t Louis but made exactly the same😂

Deanna Greer says:

Sis, you are so cute! Great video! Did you like the Louis boots with the patches?

Pleasure Plug says:

❤❤💖 I'm glad you got your shoes!

Crystal Russell says:

what size did you get ?

Kween Nene says:

Girl I feel your pain I went threw hell to I finally got them

Roberta Youngblood says:

Good job Kavon

Tiffany Brown says:


Victoria Heard says:

And the photos at the end was out of this world!!!!!!

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