Louis Vuitton Customized Mon Mono Neverfull

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This is a video on my customized Louis Vuitton Mon Mono Neverfull MM. I cannot recommend the company that did this for me as they have an outstanding dissati…

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SDHome858 says:

Great idea!

bjtaylor02 says:

Hmmmm what an interesting idea! Thanks for sharing - I will have to check that out.

Fraysierfefe says:

A good place to go is a Tattoo shop. I know in our area they personalize canvas shoes!

LovelyCesi says:

Your bag came out beautifully done bj, I am glad you got it back & with good results, I hope the other girl gets her bag back, it is so scary to think how some people can be so dishonest & do this to someone, I hope they are just running behind schedule & do right by her.

bjtaylor02 says:

I have no idea of the process or the products used.

ddgladiva says:

Love the results of your bag. Feel bad for the other girl. Hope her bag is returned. Too bad about the company’s poor customer service. If only businesses recognized how valuable good customer service is

Robina Asyraf says:

what kind of paint did they us for the bag?

Robina Asyraf says:

what kind of paint did they use for tbe

ls foster says:

Love the bag!!! Thanks for review!!!

Yerika Bello says:

Gorgeous bag! 

Carolyn McGuire says:

Beautiful piece of art….I’m glad it went well for you. Thanks for sharing!

RenewedGal says:

So brave to do it on your neverfull…it’s truly a piece of art

bjtaylor02 says:

Thanks! I love it too! I love the contrast of skulls against LV 🙂

Leashy Lou says:

So glad to hear this story, I saw this first on your Instagram! Great honest review 🙂

LuxeAddiction says:

I need to find a local artist…I would love to a LV cartoon panda replicated on a Abbesses bag! 😛

thelifeofaangel says:

this bag is so cool. ive always wanted to know how you personalized it. i love the skulls and bones. this is such a cool idea i think every one is going to go look for a mon-mon now .

Winteel says:

@Rodrigo My birthday is on Halloween! I looove the art on this bag. Maybe I will treat myself to one

Diane Smith says:

Beautiful bag . . . very eye-catching!!

bjtaylor02 says:

Very good eye. The inspiration pic I sent was Dia De Los Muertos cookies! My other inspiration pic was of my Juicy couture skull charm.

Rodrigo Ramirez says:

Beautiful … Your artist must have been hispanic .. Those sculls are the classic dia de los muertos calaca .. Which means mexican halloween sculls which is nov 1 n the rest of the fiirst wk in nov .. They are made of sugar n given away as candy n put on graves to honor the dead …

xraygigi says:

SO HAPPY that you finally made this video!
Mon Mono is nice..but this, IMO, elevates it to another level…LOVE IT! =)

Lance Dam says:

Love it!!!! So sorry to hear about that experience

Kaitlyn Francik says:

I really enjoyed this video, really interested in this idea and it was good to hear your story about this Neverfull!

Alisa Nicole says:

Too bad. I know who did your bag. I’ve seen them in videos. I shouldn’t pass judgment but I’m not surprised they sent it back uninsured, & don’t respond to emails. They’re “artists”, not business people. You’re lucky you got what you did. Thank you for such an informative video.

Angie Ferrara says:

Love it BJ! It’s absolutely beautiful!

Juan Licera says:

love the bag !!!! loved that bag on instagram

Amy Genton says:

& could u give me the name to the company whom did the art work ??/
email to my personal amygenton@yahoo.com

RasberryLV says:

Proud piece to bring out, BJ! Maybe I should start doing sketch for my LV purses. 🙂

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