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Emirates Team New Zealand vs Luna Rossa Challenge ——————————————————————– www.facebook.com/americascup www….

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K.H. Weiss says:

So, I guess you don’t have to arrive with all men on board?

Paul Giovannetti says:

How about a simulation showing how the wing and headsail are controled in different points of sail and how twisting the wing is done and how it can help?

Wave Length says:

Replacing lead keels with foiling dagger boards is awesome. Should have transitioned to these boats after the Stars and Stripes wing cat in 1988. 

Swisssquad says:

Congratulations Larry Ellison for this breathtaking event – not!

Dakota Cynthia says:

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Mati-Babi says:

Na Mensch, Junge, Junge, war das wieder spannend. Wirklich großartig, was Oracle aus dem AC gemacht hat. An Spannung wirklich nicht zu überbieten. Hut ab.
Na, ich hab noch ein paar AudiMedCup-Races, zwar die mieseste ahnungsloseste Kameraführung, aber eben Segel/Racing wie es seien soll. Boot an Boot, Wende/Halsen-Duelle, Spinnakermanöver und Boote die auf die Wellen reagieren, Crewmembers, deren agieren mir als Segler verständlich sind und und und, halt Segeln/Racing wie es seien soll.

David Cope says:

if you lose two crew members overboard…..you should be disqualified…

gilberto Jentgen says:

una volta quando in AC si andava anchora a vela ci sono stati 80 000 spettatori a Fremantle e millioni davanti al tv. Ieri quasi nessuna stazione ha trasmesso la regatta e sui youtube al massimo si misurano 6447 persone. Larry ha ucciso la coppa. Possiamo solo sperare che la perde e che Grand Dalton la riporte ad una regatta di vela, ha gia dichiarato che tornasse sui monoscafi come scritto nella Deed of Gift del 1851. speriamo Alora seguo io di nuvo con passione come fatto la prima volta 1977

Anie Varghese says:

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Kocour Mourek says:

Ferrari does NOT officially represent Italy and and the pilots DO have their national flags on their uniforms.

scott emerich says:

Hmmm, Larry Elison is west coast. Hope you enjoy the viewing Mary of the better coast. Better sailing and better weather.

LazyJacques says:

Didn’t see more than a couple of minutes of sailing, actually…

Flame says:

“you’ll never know what is gonna happen with new zealand”…
“they got the start, they got the lead in leg number 1, the boat is working perfectly”…
commentators bring bad luck, haahhahaha

david mahan says:

Spithill better get his gybing straightened up or the Kiwis will beat him like a drum!!!

Marco Lonardi says:

E’ la sua Evoluzione…il concetto di Sailing è sfruttare la Forza del Vento,
quale mezzo al momento migliore di questi AC72???

US772 says:

Fix It Again Tony, and a huge pearl. Hope tomorrow brings a better race.

Marco Lonardi says:

Miliardari??? Su ogni barca ci sono i migliori velisti al mondo…e si nota la difficoltà a domare questi Mostri.
E’ la prima esperienza ed ovviamente devono trovare il limite di questi AC72 è una classe ancora nuova tutta da sviluppare,abbiamo visto lo spettacolo con gli AC45 dopo soli 2 anni di regate,in ogni caso sono uno spettacolo volano ad un metro dall’acqua a 40kn con 15 di reale AMAZING!!!!

Mary Zuschlag says:

1. The best team money can buy nationality is secondary.
2. Larry Elison bought the best team money can buy
3. Seriously? Everything on the west coast is on time delay, you know that….. the world revolves around east coast time. Who cares about west coast audience?

shimritfs says:

Actually it was broadcast live on TV for Bay Area (vs tape delay on NBC sports for the rest of the US)

2Phast4Rocket says:

The new rules allow for any nationalities to race for any team unlike the old days. Think of it as Formula1 race. Ferrari is an Italian team but they hire talented drivers and engineers all over the world. This is NOT like an Olympic competition but rather a professional sport.

Kocour Mourek says:

Thanks for the answer however are you really knowledgeable regarding this subject? If they are really an official US team they shouldn’t be able to have foreign members on the team. If so this would be the only sport in the world I can think of that would allow that.

2Phast4Rocket says:

1. #17 is the USA team despite the different nationalities onboard.
2. Because Oracle is the USA team.
3. Because the race is broadcasted on NBC Sports in the USA
4. Don’t know the answer.

Kocour Mourek says:

Hello AC,
I have the following questions:
1. Who are these #17 teams representing? USA? Oracle? GGYC?
2. I’ve seen non US sailors wearing US flag on their outfit. Why?
3. Why can’t we watch the race live here in SF?
4. Why don’t you hire somebody who can direct the coverage better? They seem to always change the camera when there is an interesting situation.

clinging2thewreckage says:

New Zealand was damaged but finished the race.

Die Mensch-Maschine says:

Luna Rotta :(

Gianluca Dipino says:

si penso che si sia rotta la drizza della deriva 

Marco Lonardi says:

Ken Read dice che possono finire la regata anche senza 2 uomini.

gilberto Jentgen says:

questo non é regatta , é muppets show. Alcuni di voi avete visto l’AC di una volta quando si trattava di velisti e marinai ? Non di milliardari. Tempi in qui c’erano velisti veri con barche veri ad affrontare ogni situazione come il Fremantle doctor con forca 6 e onda da 3 metri……….una volta c’èra Americas Cup. Adesso resta in pace povero

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