Louis Vuitton | Cruise 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Louis Vuitton | Cruise 2016 (Bob and Dolores Hope’s Estate/Palm Springs – CA/USA) by Nicolas Ghesquière | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p)

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Jacopo Ferraro says:

some pieces are good, some pieces are the shittiest shit ever, just like past collections!
the whole style is disturbing like most of the models.
the entire collection is not cohesive.
Ghesquiere is an evolutionless designer since his integration in LV maison, this is not Balenciaga dude, wake up applausing people!!
just like Simons at DIOR, or the new unappealing GUCCI.
in all these cases, I truly regret tradition over these newcomers views: it seems like their work is made to destroy IDENTITIES!
I'm worried, about the future.

Noor alexandrovitch says:

what's is the name of this music piece ?

Pinch Hitter says:

That opening girl almost always opens LV shows…just an observation.

Sophia Zeng says:

They are nice. But the camera so suck!

Tavga Hawrame says:

Louis vutton have georgeous models..i like their new look

lukipiluki says:

who's the director? a 6 years old child?? TERRIBLE! terrible like the clothes and the "models"

Gerson Dean says:

w.hat's going on with the architecture theme Dior also had that akward show at the pink pig building.. It just doesn't fit. Clothes were alright.. but presentation felt awkward

David Kim says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

PP "with" P.(Professionally attracted with following).〉Without Politics.Sport.Support.World. says:


Jorge Javadd Di Vio says:

I love this collection

Robert “Robato” Uribe says:

Any one know the song that starts at the 5 minute mark?

txamae2 says:

Quizá haya arte en LV, pero no hay elegancia… otro que debería hacérselo mirar.

Ricky Khor says:

is this a showcase of ugly faces?

pregnant father says:

fucking slayed

Lara Fruehwald says:

Who is the model opening the show?

Genna Giacomo says:

LV… I love the quality of their handbags, but most of their clothing line isn't very good, and I have to comment on the horrible filming of this fashion show. You can't even see half of the models, and the panning and zooming is atrocious! LV is supposed to be the biggest luxury goods company! There's no way my boss would have slipped up this badly.

my tom says:

내가 패 션이랑은 거리가 먼건지… 저걸 패 션쇼라고…  구경하는 사람들도 그냥 다 똑같은 사람들이 잖아 다 그 냥 썬 글라스 하나씩 쓰고 뭐야 저 게 장 난하나

Abigial Rosser says:

Ehh don't really like the clothes. I guess its just not my style. But I'm only a fan of louis vuitton's bags and shoes(kinda) not there clothes.

Barbara Wasilak says:

sorry, but no!! Ugly; eventhe name LV won't be able to elevate the collection… boring, and plain… ugly

Gabriel Tagarro says:


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