Louis Vuitton Collection *Part 2*

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luxuryandlipgloss says:

Thank you!! I’m going to check out your channel too:)

chrisjaycabello says:

I like all pieces, nice patina on your pieces! By the way I like your story on when you started your collection. Can’t wait to see more of your videos! Keep up the good job. —> JNC

TwoTimesLouis says:

love the video!

luxuryandlipgloss says:

Thanks so much hun!

Heathersusan88 says:

Lovely collection! Can’t wait for more of your videos!

Qadriiyah says:

Very nice! by the way we shop at the same LV store’s .

luxuryandlipgloss says:


luxuryandlipgloss says:

Thank you!! I had completely forgotten!

louisv83 says:

Great collection. Subscribed. I also review Louis Vuitton. Looking forward to seeing your other videos

luxuryandlipgloss says:

Thank you so much! You are too cute:) I subscribed back!!!

MSpanders10 says:

Love your collection! I had to subscribe your so fun to watch! 🙂

MegaWaffleman123 says:

have never seen the neverfull reversed like that! cute idea, thanks!

iLuvLVs says:

I Luv the review of your LVs. The croissant lining is called “alcantara” lining, I also have that in small size.

luxuryandlipgloss says:

Thank you!! I definitely will once I clean it up a bit 😉

cocacola988 says:

I love your home! Can u do a home tour? It looks so chic and modern

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