Louis Vuitton Collection 2013 Part 2

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via YouTube Capture.

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phoenixrose85 says:

Hey girl!! I love your collection! I just have one question/request… can you share the dets on your storage for your LV bags? Love your videos.. new sub 🙂

Sarina Pitts says:

Thanks for sharing. Your bags are gorgeous! The Sully is actually next on my list. How do you like it compared to the Portobello?

Minks4All says:

@ Abbey Mugroso- thank you so much for the kind words 🙂

Abbey Mugroso says:

Loving your collection 🙂

Minks4All says:

Thank you! 🙂

Charity Mack says:

Love it

Minks4All says:

Thank you :)

paeeze5 says:

I love it …

Minks4All says:

Thank you so much for watching 🙂

DB101415 says:

You have a very beautiful collection. Thank you a for sharing. I’m looking forward to watching more of your videos.

Minks4All says:

@idajene- Thank you for the kind words :)….I started with my first piece about 12 years ago picking up a few pieces here and there. Then I lost my mind and went nuts the last 4 years…lol….thank you again for watching!! Stay fabulous! Xoxo

idajene says:

OMG your collection is to DIE FOR!! =) amazing pieces! How long did it take you to get the amount you have? I’ve been collecting since 2009 and it is no where near your collection. =) Thanks for sharing!!

Belt Toy Coconut Mall says:

Do a skin tight white leggings with a casual short comfy top OOTD for your next Vid. xx ;D

Minks4All says:

@C Le- I had no idea that vernis Alma’s didn’t, sorry :)…is it an older piece?

C Le says:

The vernis alma doesn’t have a d-ring…I really wish it did 🙁

Minks4All says:

@TinkaLittleFaith- thank you, I have a majority of LV items but I have a few Gucci’s, YSL, and have had Chanel’s but I seem to get sick of them and sell them. 🙂

Minks4All says:

@LisaDewi- I absolutely love the DE. Its my favorite print. It is a little stiff in the beginning because its treated leather but it softens up and it is still as comfortable as the mono and DA. :))

Minks4All says:

@laura garcia-thank you so much for watching! 🙂

TinkaLittleFaith says:

Love your collection, it is amazing! Do you like any other designers or just purchase LV only?

Lisa Dewi says:

Which neverfull do u like the most? Do you find the DE handles comfortable in your shoulder compares to mono/DA? The handle leather looks stiff…

laura garcia says:

Love love ur collection.

Minks4All says:

@NaturalLuxeDiva-thank you and thanks for subbing!!

Minks4All says:

Thank you! I’m happy I could share with all of you, 🙂

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

You have an awesome collection. I love this video and I just subbed 🙂

Kooly Gal says:

Beautiful collection!! Love it :)

Minks4All says:

@Malena0112-thank you for watching!! Xoxo

Minks4All says:

@heartsnicky-thank you so much for the kind words!! :))

Minks4All says:

@SomedayShabby-thank you so much!! Xoxo

Minks4All says:

@Monimor50-I have been collecting Louis Vuitton’s for closer to 12 years :)….I’m extremely careful with my Damier Azur pieces. I use a slightly damp clean white cloth and swipe in the downward motion if I get it soiled or stained, however it is definitely a delicate canvas. If you don’t get to the stain in time it will set in the canvas and stay stained. Hope this helps :))

Minks4All says:

@KStyleG-I love my older pieces as well, but thank YOU for the request!! Stay Fabulous Xoxo!

Minks4All says:

@MsBlueMaude-thank you for the kind words and for watching :)

Malena0112 says:

Very pretty collection ! Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

heartsnicky says:

Love all your collection x

Someday Shabby says:

You have gorgeous collection hun.

Monimor50 says:

Beautiful collection 🙂 how long have you been collecting and how do you clean your azur canvas?

KStyleG says:

Wonderful collection! It’s lovely to see many discontinued items. Thank you so much for sharing and have a fab day!!

MsBlueMaude says:

Great collection! Really enjoyed watching this.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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