Louis Vuitton Collection 2013 Part 1

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via YouTube Capture.

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Minks4All says:

@ Angela Sargeant- Thank you so much for the kind words and for watching!! Stay Fabulous! Xoxo

Angela Sargeant says:

Great video! Love how you want all the prints for each item, I totally get it. Can’t wait to get started on Part 2. Thanks for sharing.

Minks4All says:

@chrisjaycabello- thank you so much for the kind words and for watching!! Stay fabulous!! Xoxo

chrisjaycabello says:

Great video!!!! Very sophisticated collection! Thanks for sharing—-JNC

Minks4All says:

@JerushaCouture- thank you so much for the welcome as well as the kind words! This Vuitton club is a crazy obsession..lol…can’t get enough of Vuitton!!! Thanks again for watching! Stay Fabulous! Xoxo

JerushaCouture says:

OMG Just Fabulous my Love this is a stella Collection!!!
I love it Welcome with your Beautiful massive Collection to
the Youtube Vuitton Club!!

Minks4All says:

@iLuvLVs- thank you so much. I am definitely not the bragging type but these videos are some of my favs! We are totally obsessed with LV’s! Lol, thanks again for watching! Stay Fabulous!

Minks4All says:

@weliveinigloos- thank you so much for watching! Xoxo

iLuvLVs says:

Luv all your LV collections! You can brag anytime ‘cos I admire people who have same passions and spend their money on collectible items.

weliveinigloos says:

I’m so jealous! You have beautiful pieces

Minks4All says:

@Guhbubbish- Thank you! I will be posting a few more videos within the next week…stay tuned and thanks for watching 😉

Guhbubbish says:

Very pretty collection! Looking forward to more videos :))

Minks4All says:

@teenauh- thank you!

Minks4All says:

@Naa Aa- thank you so much! =)

teenauh says:

Great collection of SLGs

Naa Aa says:

awesome collection thanks for sharing

Minks4All says:

@midgreen100- I love the look of the Artsy, but I do not have the smallest arms and I feel it hits my armpits :(… Plus I don’t like the fact that it has no structure when you set it down. I wish it would have worked for me. Thanks again for all the kind words! Xoxo

midgreen100 says:

Watched second video first! Teeheehee! Love your collection!

midgreen100 says:

So…what do you think of the Artsy?

Minks4All says:

@paeeze5-no sorry I do not have the Stresa bag…:(…..sure you can ask me a question…fire away 🙂

paeeze5 says:

Hi do you have stresa handbag ? I like to ask you aquschen plzz

Minks4All says:

@lailaali100- thank you so much! =)

lailaali100 says:

Love ur collection! Xx

Minks4All says:

@Maria Dones-thank you so much =)

Maria Dones says:

love your collection 3

Minks4All says:

@louisv83- thank you so much :)…I’m am seriously obsessed with Vuitton…if only I had unlimited funds..lol

louisv83 says:

Great collection. I also collect lv 🙂

Minks4All says:

@MitchelWiggs- Thank you, lol, I feel that I sound like a mouse when I talk…lol…

Minks4All says:

@xraygigi- Thank you =)

MitchellWiggs says:

You’ve got a great radio voice lol

xraygigi says:

Great collection video! Thank you for sharing!! =)

Minks4All says:

@kimjo- thank you! My Instagram is Minks4all. Thanks for watching!! 🙂

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