Louis Vuitton & Co. haul video

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Read me… :)) Dear YouTuber, While I was in Prague due to business, my husband had the chance to visit me there during the weekend and we had a wonderful ti…

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Bua Wichan says:

I didn’t realize there is Sphora outside the US. Nice!!

modeling4Fashion says:

La trousse du toilette est trés jolie! Je bien aime!

ivan godoy says:

Long time no se lol

paeeze5 says:

I love you eye makeup so difrent .. You have big and pritty eye… I love this eye makeup on you

GimmeKitty says:

The drawstring bag material, in English, is called velour (kind of a fake velvet)

GimmeKitty says:

I love your evening look makeup, here. You can wear makeup well :)

Minelba1 says:

What is they style name of the Pumas? I love those.

Maria Regalado says:

please do even just short videos of your vacation. we would love to see what beautiful places you’ll go to. Plus of course your outfits. Stay safe Nastasia 🙂

mairac711 says:

We’re not gonna be seeing you for three weeks then? I’m going to miss you! By the way you’re soo nice replying back to your subscribers whatever their comments are! Cool!

ddgladiva says:

Great haul! Can’t believe you don’t have Sephora. Love that toiletry case and the charm-great choices

EK C says:

I wish you could have modeled your puma’s to show us how they look on 🙂 KOOL SHOES 🙂

EK C says:


xraygigi says:

wonderful haul video! loved everything!! glad you’re back..missed your weekly ootd! =)

dreamingcyborg says:

wow, nice one 18:20 I know what type of material it is from, but im not sure how its translated to English too. But its a nice bracelet 🙂 I enjoy your video’s. 21:48 you have a cute laugh and that bag you show is interesting.

Deb Sims says:

I love Sephora too! I live in Texas.You got a lot of really cute items!

Fraysierfefe says:

Wish we had a free day in the US!

Amelonado says:

Ich finde es auch sehr schade, das wir in Deutschland keine Sephora haben

Katie K says:

Hey Nastasia! I really enjoyed this video 🙂 I hope you had a great time in prague…I live in Australia and would love to visit Europe!! I can’t wait for your next video…we missed you. Have a wonderful time on your vacation!!xx

amcmy says:

Love your haul 🙂 I just wanted to give you a tip for your Benefit eyepalette. I use to work for Benefit and you mentioned that the palette had a bronzer+eyeshadows, but it’s a Bo-ing concealer+ eyeshadows. It’s an all eyepalette. Hope you enjoy it! Take care x

samantha0senseless says:

Love the haul! Great that you got to enjoy some time with your husband while having to work! I love your accent by the way! :)

ls foster says:

I have the damier bracelet too

ls foster says:

Great video!!! Keep them coming!

49ldavis says:

Love it. The shirts were very cute. Love the LV items too.

tolegalsec1 says:

I love your videos – you have the most wonderful taste in clothes and handbags. Have a wonderful vacation. By the way, could you do a video on your hair cut and colour – I just adore your hair and it suits you so well!

Maricel Serben says:

Wow new video! Super excited and looking forward to all your future uploads… Tnx Nastasia! Love all your collections 🙂

goortsr says:

Great haul!!! 

Lelianthus says:

Yes, please do a packing video! Great purchases, lovely video! Again:))

Angie Ferrara says:

Love all your beautiful items! Enjoy! Have a great time on your vacation!

Sue Miller says:

Hi Natasia. Looks like you had agree time shopping. You have some lovely items. I love the LV bag charm. I may treat myself to one or ask my hubby to treat me lol! Looking forward to your wallet video. Sue M UK

FindingPeace139 says:

Hi Nastasia, what a great haul and beautiful Louis Vuitton items! Enjoy your day off and thank you for sharing with us.

Megakouklitsa says:

Great haul. I really did miss your videos. Welcome back.

arentUlovely says:

That was nice that you were able to turn a working trip into a shopping haul! Enjoy your vacation.

Eme Rilla says:

Great haul. Loved everything!!! Have a great vacation. xoxo

trina roberts says:

great items hun,great to see you sooooo happy , enjoy huni xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Lore Baert says:

Very nice haul! We don’t have Sephora either in Belgium. As I live close to France, I go to Sephora in Lille.

Yas Min says:

I must get those puma shoes :). Have a terrific vacation!

fitjock1 says:

great haul!! love you lv items especially. the cardigan is really cute too.

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