Louis Vuitton Clemence Wallet

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Thank you to those who requested a review on this new Louis Vuitton wallet called the Clemence wallet. I have one in the fushia. I hope you like this video.

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MSpanders10 says:

I love your new wallet the color is so pretty and I love that you can tell
the front from the back. I have actually been looking at this wallet,
thanks so much for a great review.

Bee Rachael says:

Lovely wallet Mary. I’m intimidated by the zippy and insolite as they’re so
large but this looks compact yet still has so many slots. I would love them
to bring this out in the damier ebene as I have a mono emilie xxxx

mrsbibilove says:

omgosh another Mary Hanson video! commenting too early so I will watch the
video now but just wanted to let you know how exciting it is to see you in
my feed :)

Imvloggingit says:

Thanks again for a great review. Off topic comment – you have really
amazing looking skin. It looks really smooth and healthy. Any quick
skincare secrets to share? :)

Roxane Nakamura says:

love that wallet, but i notice your manicure is immaculate, are those gels?
what color is that polish?also, do you have the key holder in
multicolore-size is 13x9x2cm? have a wonderful week mary……thanks 

Agnès B says:

Great review! Now I know exactly which item will be on my Christmas
wishlist. Thanks Mary!!

Kimavoni Willis says:

I currently have the Emilie as well so I am leaning towards this one!!
Thanks so much for sharing

rosannebent says:

Great review. I have the Clemence in the mimosa and I love it of all my
wallets. I saw people were giving it bad reviews but I honestly think for
the PRICE it’s the best wallet LV offers 

LVlover cc says:

Love the wallet and love your red lip color on you! Thank you for sharing

Lynnette Bradley says:

Thanks for sharing I love the monogram wallets. I have the monogram
insolite wallet. Enjoy your item in good health, take care.

Ashley P says:

Great review! Such a beautiful wallet! Thank you for sharing. I also love
the color of your zippy wallet!

Paula Bauer says:

Oh so good, that you made this Video. I want to buy a new wallet and have
my eyes on the Clemence or Emilie. I think it will be the Emilie. Thanks
for this Vid. xoxo

Chanelbuddy255 says:

That’s an awesome wallet Mary. I’ve been thinking of getting one as I need
a new wallet. I’ve been wanting that for several weeks now. Thanks for the

Busy Being Mom says:

Great review! The wallet is lovely and your scarf is beautiful as well. 

Dinas Place says:

Great review! I have been dying to see the fuscia color! 

belinda jess says:

Looks like it’s a fabulous compact, full size wallet. 

Serafina Recalcitrant says:

Another great review.Thank you so much for making these videos. Each is so
much fun. Hugs, Kiki

Advent397 says:

Are you wearing an engagement ring, Mary ?

Bee Rachael says:

Ps love your Burberry shawl I have it in ivory x

The PurseFreak says:

FYI, I asked the SA on Saturday about the leather pull tab and she said
that they would replace it right there in the store… The pull tab is the
ONLY draw back on this wallet but overall it’s Amaze-balls!

dilaisz says:

Hi Mary, can you do a comparison between the emilie and clemence wallet

Stanleydragonjr says:

Thank you so much I will take a second look at this wallet,great video

Sandra Bembibre Lindström says:

Hello Mary and txs for a lovely review….. Now you just made my wishlist a
bit longer……

Kimavoni Willis says:

Great review… I was just looking on the Louis Vuitton site for another

JO JO says:

You have the best reviews ever! I enjoy watching them so much just bc you
seem like a great soul. My 10 week old baby even smiles at your videos and
frowns when I watch other LV reviews. Thank you and please do the
accessories and or SLG videos. I learn so much from your videos. 

stella lotito says:

Hi Mary. I quite agree …what a treat to see a new Mary Hanson video in
my feed! This is a very detailed description of the new Clemence
wallet. It looks quite beautiful and yet practical. Do you have any
issues with color transfer with the interior of your Neverfull MM with
fushia lining? I think they are such a beautiful set and I was curious
about possible color transfer. Thank you Mary! 

Gia says:

Have enjoyed watching all your videos. They have helped me make some
important decisions. Lol you do a great job!

Tara Eichman says:

Thank you for doing this review!! I love this wallet and love seeing a
video from you in my feed 🙂 

Muniza80 says:

I love burberry scarves!! The one you are wearing looks lovely in you, is
it the square one?

Ashley P says:

Great review! Such a beautiful wallet! Thank you for sharing. I also love
the color of your zippy wallet!

arentUlovely says:

Nice review. It does seem large, but manageable (more compact) than some
of the other LV wallets.

Kathy Crawford says:

Great wallet! BTW your skin looks flawless.

LC B says:

Lovely wallet and great review! Thank you so much! Adding this to my
wishlist :-)

BucketsandBrooms says:

Lovely wallet Mary!! Thanks so much for the review it was fun!

Yuppiecamper1 says:

Love your wallet, it’s beautiful. Does it fit in the zipper pocket at vour
Neverfull MM and in the Eva clutch?

The PurseFreak says:

Yay! You picked up your wallet! Thanks for sharing, you’re going to love

Jenn Lancaster says:

You’re videos make my day brighter! ☀️⭐️

Riham Jaraysi says:

Thank you..great review:)

Muniza80 says:

Lovely scarf, is this burberry?

Mary Hanson says:

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