Louis Vuitton & Chanel Handbag Collection Mod Shots 2014

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OPEN ME::::::::::::::::::::: You ask & I deliver 🙂 My current handbag collection showing some mod shots to give you a better view of the bags …

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Holly Frawley says:

Hello! I love your videos and your purse collection :)

trina leavers says:

wow huni,i had no idea your collection was sooooo huge, fantastic
collection huni,i love everything so much xoxoxoxoxo

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

What an awesome collection of bags. All of them are beautiful and well
kept. Thanks so much for sharing. xoxo

Niteflirt Pso says:

I love your collection~I keep all of my LV bags in their dust bags as well.
I am going to get that same Chanel GST bag. Ah such guilty pleasures :)

lovehermadly50 says:

Curvalicious!!! Love it!!! I absolutely love the gst, and jumbo flap, and
Eva ebene, on you the most!!! They just look amazing!! On you!! It’s nice
to see you model these bags so people have a better reference ,I learned so
much from this vid on how the bag really looks in proportion to body sz!!
Thanks so much! Very cute outfit !! You look amazing , and really you could
also do some shots of your ootd , you’ve got great taste! I started
watching your vid when you put it on and then had to finish today,(sun)
so… Have a great week ahead!!

Stanleydragonjr says:

Great video,thanks,Use them all in the best of health

CapeCodBelle says:

Mod shots are the best! Thanks for doing this video:)

Kim McDaniel says:

Beautiful collection. I’m surprised you don’t have a Delightful. LOL
—– I always enjoy your videos. I see that LV has gone up on their
prices again.

Chanel05 says:

Great collection huni!! And so nice that you did this kind of video.. It
really helps to get a better idea of every bag!! Xxxx

twenty28 says:

Fabulous collection and a lot similar to my collection I might add. My
husband think I’m crazy to own the same bag in every print, but nice to
know I’m not alone lol. You should do modelling shots whenever you do
reviews – you are beautiful. Thanks for doing this and have a fab weekend!

Belindajess says:

Live your collection. They all look gorgeous on you. But really – you don’t
like bag charms??? GASP!!!!!

Bua Schmidy says:

Love love!

kittymoomoo1923 says:

Wonderful video dear, I can remember most of the unboxing for your purses.
I finally received my chanel jumbo black ghw, so we are holy grail twins

Angela L says:

Great video… You are so adorable. All the bags look great on you. Love
the outfit…:)

YYCCouture says:

Love your beautiful handbag collection! Great video! Thank you for

eileenthequeen74 says:

Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing 🙂 It makes me nervous sometimes
to carry designer bags out…then I think I but them to use…what’s your
opinion? Do you get nervous sometimes? (Especially Chanel bags)

oasis0603 says:

My dream collection

mrsbibilove says:

you are so beautiful and I loved this!!! xo

Marsha U says:

I LOVE the channel “holy grail” bag 🙂 Its on my wish list 🙂 

Robina Mcknight says:

What a great collection you go girl :)

Ivana Holt says:

I loved the video as always. Thanks for the mod shots. It’s always very
helpful to see the bag on. You have a wonderful collection. Thanks for

Sherry Musico says:

what do u do for a living? omg i love your bags! do u recommend getting
bags from fashionphile? thanks! :)

christine markussen says:

Loooove your beautiful collection Minks ;)

Monori Jay says:

Thanks for this video, this is by far my favorite video of all! You seem
like such a sweet person, and the modeling shots were so helpful! I will
stay a loyal subscriber till the end, I enjoy your videos so much. Much
love from Germany, Jay <3

MNicoleChic says:

Awesome review love. Gorgeous bags. You mentioned you wished the toiletry
pouch 26 came in the DE print. It used too, but they discontinued it. I
inquired about it when I purchased mine in the mono print.

Sabrina Lou says:

Luv ur bags! 

missKasandraD says:

Beautiful collection! Love the wear on your GST, on my want list and of
ourselves the classic flap is my dream bag!

mrsmeli35 says:

your entire bag collection is gorgeous and you rock them all thanks for
sharing 🙂 

Stephanie Rose says:

lovvvv tthemm all . how many years did it take for you collection?

jenniferk97 says:

What’s in the LV dustbags behind you, that you did not show? :)

R Fuller says:

Abs loved this vid 🙂 

Maria Q says:

Great video, it was very enjoyable to watch all the bags and you modelled
them all very well. You also have very lovely hair:-)

Kelly Robinson says:

Please do a what’s in my bag for the chanel jumbo?? Also would love to see
your watch and jewellery collection. Especially love the sparkle bracelets
your wearing.great video, it made my day.your collection is to die for.it
is so helpful to work out which bags will go on my list.i don’t own
anything designer yet but I will soon.you are so fabulous please keep the
videos coming:)

Aileen Marotta says:

Hi Minks: what do you do with all the LV boxes? Personally I keep my bags
in their boxes, but it consumes a lot of space in my closet. I don’t have a
room that I can convert into a closet and my closets are already pretty
full. Let me know. Btw loved the video, but I also love the blue Swarovski
boxes and I would love to see that collection as well! Take care

MsBlueMaude says:

What a fabulous video Minnie!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this.. And omg what an
amazing collection of fabulous bags!!! Wish we could have a play date
modeling all of our wonderful collections!!! Hehe thank for this video u
look fab 🙂 xoxoxo

hongipan says:

Love your beautiful lone health hair maybe you can show with us how you
take care of them in the future. I love louis vitton and enjoy all your

missqjulie says:

Loved loved loved! 

Ashley Ann says:

Always love your videos! Love the bags! Hoping to get the black gst once
it’s available at my store! 

Jamie James says:

This was so helpful, now I know that the 35 is too big for me and the 30
will be perfect no matter which design I choose!! Thanks bunches!!!

Tentop Ngodup says:

i like ur personality and also tnx for ur height info. most of the time i
am guessing, what would that purse look on me…. and i hate it ;)

Estefania Castro says:

Wow hun! Such a fabulous & amazing designer bag collection you have! Hope
to one day own one myself!! Thanks once again for sharing. May God keep
blessing you & your family each & everyday.

jerzeygirl07801 says:

Yayyyy I love this video

M K Hair and Beauty says:

You loook supper sexi babes.. loved the video. An I soo want a maxi “/
can’t wait for your review on the jumbo xxxx

Jessica Chanell says:

Love your collection! xx

Axeherow says:

Jewelry and watch collection please 

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