Louis Vuitton Celebrating Monogram Creative Story: Christian Louboutin by Gordon Von Steiner

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Adhering to the Louis Vuitton’s values of innovation, collaboration and daring, a new generation of image-makers was also asked to contribute to the visualiz…

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Denisa Kučerová says:

I love the handbag that model wore.

Sandor Kocsor says:

It was fantastic. I like this new style. I felt like this video wants to
say “everybody has something in common”. They presented this very well.
Congrat LV! Keep it up!

DivaDollFlawless says:
Ally Villa says:

Whats the name of the song?

Israel Israa dived says:

Waw really my dream this bags soooooooo amazing♥♥♥♥♥

EH CBunny says:

Americans rarely use Louis Vuitton when it’s raining.

Sam Sproul says:

noone is taking that much vachetta out in the rain.

mrsbibilove says:

umm ok. So this is the cooler chic version of the luggage on wheels that my
grandpa use to go to the market with. Absolutely loved seeing Paris and I
appreciate the video for that.



Lana Rey says:


Bálint Kaltenecker says:


Anastasia Fedotova says:

LV Love! ;)

Argiris Re-bE says:

Oh finally an ad that has a story and it’s not boring …well done to the

Kindell Armstrong says:

OMG the guys shoes.. I must have them

Serene Touma says:

Beautiful video! 

Nina Krok says:

how beautiful is this?

Alberto Luevano says:

How stereotypical 

nica nicole says:

i love new model

Иван Хай Энд says:

Very nice red shoes=)

charliebarkin100 says:

Brilliant! Love it!

ghada otb says:

حبيت ): ♡♡♡♡

shadowOFFstars says:

The handbag rocks.

Andrés Rodriguez Mendoza says:

Louis Vuitton, Loubotin, Bach and Paris! That’s heaven!

Bezarios Dante says:

“LV Shopping Trolley” at 20:00 cost: $23,300
Thanks, Christian Louboutin.

Salvatore Tabasso says:

Sine verbis! Il gusto, il bello, il….. Non ho parole!

Kemar Simmons says:

His shoes though….

유기종 says:

Jean Pierre Jeunet style.

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