Louis Vuitton Artsy MM Review 2015

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Finally, better late than never right? Thank you Dolls so much for requesting I do a review on this bag. I hope I was able to help by giving you all as much information as possible when it comes to making a decision of adding this beauty to your collection. Thank you so much for watching and please don’t forget to comment, rate, like and SUBSCRIBE!!! Stay Fabulous!! Xoxoxo

Louis Vuitton Artsy MM in Monogram
Retail $1960.00 USD

Makeup in Video:
Eyes: Too Faced Chocolate Bar
Eyeliner: Loreal The Blackbuster Liquid Eyeliner
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Dark Brown
Blush: Mally Liquid Face Defender
Lips: MAC Velvet Teddy
Nails: Christian Louboutin Sevillana

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Tiara Zablachill'e A Durham says:

Thank you!!

Nicole Perrelli says:

I meant to say Canvas I was talking on the phone it came out wrong sorry 😐

Nicole Perrelli says:

I love this bag so much I have 4 of them Three in the different campuses and one in the leather the dark blue monogram and I’m sucks black with the blue interior of the lights stripes in it

Jennifer Nelson says:

Good review. I have a 2012 Artsy I purchased new. I thought the con was the handle. I had a hard time keeping it on my shoulder and stopped using it. I thought it was me but see that the handle ends up modeling after use. Time to break it out! Thanks again.

Roxy Reyes says:

I LOVED my Arsty but since it wasn't an everyday handbag for me. I unfortunately did sell her bought myself a GM NF which was more my style. The Artsy is so classy and elegant and I felt I had to dress up often to take her out.😁 Another con for me was that I had to take off my shoulder when I needed to get into it. 🙄

Victor Owens says:

My wife has this gorgeous bag and it DOES NOT fall over when it is empty. It does stands straight up when empty. She keeps a small pillow in it when not in use. Folding it to put it in the dust bag is what’s causing yours to fall over when empty due to the permanent creasing you are making on the sides. Purchase a larger dust bag to keep its shape being stored with pillow inside.

alexandria griffin says:

Can you see the cork (white )through the braiding?

Teera Yin says:

3 years ago I used to work at a salon and my boss offered me a ride home, and she told me “oh! Can you grab my purse?!” And so I reached for the bag nonchalantly and thought “wow! This handle is comfortable (it was the Damier Azur Artsy MM) and years later I finally bought one! 🌝❤️ im so excited to wear it (mines is in monogram! 😊)

Amy E says:

Did you keep or sell. New subscriber

Elissa Zidek says:

Just curious to know if you ever experienced the canvas on this particular bag flaking? I own this bag and was so excited to get but less than a month later noticed flaking in several spots. Flaking that is sort of whitish. I took it in back into the store and they were very rude and basically said I had done something to it. And that it would come off with a damp cloth. It didn’t. I haven’t carried it since because the flaking areas are very noticeable. It made me furious! Especially because it’s quite pricey. So disappointing and just sad.

jenefet kirwin says:

Very informative ❤️Thanks

Matari Gunter says:

After watching your video three times I'm still on the fence about selling my Artsy GM. It's a huge bag and can get heavy. It's beautiful but it's so big. I think this bag was meant to wear at the elbow and crook of the arm and is not really a shoulder bag. First world problems……

Genesis Peralta says:

Could you do an updated review? Or what you think about the empreinte version of this bag?

Lucy65 says:

can you share where you purchase your pre-loved bags…?

Wayne Reid says:

Why did you sell her?

secret sailor says:

Thank you for your review. You do talk fast. Is there a smaller Artsy bag?

Luv1234 says:

I just bought this bag but with python handle. It seems large but once it "grows" on you it looks good.

M. B. says:

can the folds get away?

Princess Ginwood says:

Gorgeous bag! Thank you for an Amazing review! I love your videos you're so beautiful and so knowable and unbiased. About high end designer handbags.i like how you give the pro's and Cons, that is so helpful especially if you're undecided. Thank you for an Awesome video I really enjoyed it!


Hey girl! Where did you buy your bag? I want to buy a used authentic artsy but I'm not sure where to look.

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