Louis Vuitton Alma Monogram Vernis Cerise Unboxing

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OPEN ME:::::::::::::::: Yay!!! I’m so excited to introduce you to my newest piece! After much thought and hours of indecisiveness here she is!…

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Kriscee Lei says:

Pretty and exciting! Congrats :)

MsBlueMaude says:

Ooo what a nice surprise !!! I have to say though- when I saw cerise In
person I thought exactly that it was more orange red- so I’m still a die
hard fan of the pomme d amour and I die when I think of it being
discontinued 🙁 can’t wait to see 

JerushaCouture says:

congrats my Love just stunning!! Jerusha

NastasiaM53 says:

Awww you are so cute!!!!! Congratulations my friend, this bag is
stunning!!!! And yes please, incorporate all your video ideas on this
channel :)) Xoxo

trina leavers says:

beautiful colour,i love the alma great bag xooxoxo

Bee Rachael says:

Stunning bag! Congrats. I’m hoping Santa brings me the speedy 25 in cerise
– I know how u feel about the strap but I need cross body as I’ll be
pushing a pram soon! I thought a red bag would cheer me up in cold, dark
January x

Emie Ohashi says:

very stunning bag :)

Burg Mom says:

Gorgeous bag! 

MSpanders10 says:

Oh she is beautiful! I love your excitement and the color is gorgeous.

belinda jess says:

I am happy to follow a new channel for makeup or I am happy to see the
videos here. Either way I’ll be watching. I love unconventional. Seeing
how the “beauty gurus” apply makeup gives me anxiety. Why does it appear
so difficult. My version of a full face of makeup is BB creme applied with
my fingers – LOL

FogBreads says:

That color should be called “Minnie” since it so you! Fantastic bag.

BobbyLovesLV says:

How do you like this color compared to Pomme d’amour? 

Elle Gee says:

I would love to just watch 1 channel. Keep them together

Bugn LVoe says:

Love, Love, Love :-D

Sherin Ng says:

congrats on this beautiful bag! please do your makeup reviews here! (I am
also very curious about your eyeshadows)

Miriam Escurra says:

Hi Minnie . I’m so happy for you. She is a gorgeous bag in a beautiful
color as well. Enjoy you new bag. 

Mizhershe Ehsrehzim says:

Congrats on your new bag! I’d be disappointed if they get rid of the pomme
d amore! I have the vernis cle and coin purse in pomme d amore on my
wishlist! However if I was to get an alma id love it in rose angelique

HaveLouisWillTravel says:

Beautiful bag and would love to see your beauty reviews on this channel as

BEEZ LVS says:

Gorgeous alma!!!! Congrats !

Celita Guia says:

Fantastic bag!!!! She is so beautiful and this shade of red is lovely!!
Congratulations on your new addition and regarding the makeup reviews, I
would watch on this channel or other is you do that. Have a great night!!!

Stanleydragonjr says:

Vernis Thursday great day to unveil her!! Use her in the best of health

Tonya Hyman says:

Gorgeous bag and color!!!

arentUlovely says:

Congrats on getting your new LV bag. I prefer the regular speedy versus
the bandeliere also because it’s keeping with the original classic, and it
just looks better to me without the strap. I would enjoy seeing your
makeup edition of videos on this channel.

Michelle Low says:

Fabulously RED..love it doll!!

HoneyB563 says:

You’re so cute! Yes, love that color too, it’s beautiful..
I would like to hear what you have to say about makeup on this channel and
maybe a GRWM too?
Your makeup always looks nice

Cindy Splude says:

Hey!! You average joesephine!!!!! Absolutely give it try on the makeup
stuff!!! You do a fab job on yourself, so we would all love to know how to
get the look!

Chanel05 says:

Whoohoo!! Congratz babe!! What a stunning bag!! Love it!! So happy for
you!! And please do start that beauty channel, i’d love it!! Xxxx

CapeCodBelle says:

Stunning color!

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