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Kay H says:

thank you for sharing.

Amy Curtis says:

Your boobs aren’t big

Nicole Ybanes says:

My height is 5’1 and I’m worried the strap will be too big on me 😭

BritChić says:

I think your over thinking it 🤔. I have an Alma BB World Tour. I carry my 10.5 iPad Pro in it. Yes, it pokes out the top but 🤷🏽‍♀️. I can fit my key clay, coin purse, mini pochette as a catch-all, etc. You got to pack smart. Wet wipes ?? 😳

Your Alma looks so cute with the fluffy charm. What do u think of the Dji Osmo Pocket? Maybe upgrade your blogging camera? Shame ur going to sell it. But if it doesn’t work for you 🙂. Hopefully u don’t get seller’s remorse …

Meowing Hippo says:

Is there a winner yet if not I love that bag I can’t afford it I would love it so much it would mean the world to me.❤️❤️

Andrea Harris says:

Why did you buy it?

Isra Khalid says:

I don’t understand what’s the point of you complaining the whole video of the bag’s size?!! It’s pretty obvious that it’s not an all purpose bag and it just carries very minimum things. There is so much negative complain in this video because you can’t fit everything you need! Just get a bigger bag and save us all this cuz I didn’t find this to be of any benefit.

Geraldine Hercule Alectus says:

Hello, I am interested in purchasing.

Jackie Foo says:

😂😂😂34C big boobs??? 🤯🤯u gotta be kidding!!! I’m 38D and crossbody bags r perfect!

Agata s says:

My first bag will be speedy nano cause i love its casual style and it will match all of my summer outfits but after that im buying Alma bb for sure. Im a minimalist , i like to carry just my essencials , i hate overloading my bags so Alma will be just perfect for my phone, Keys , wallet and sunglasses

shandra burdett says:

Did sell your alma

Mae G. says:

Alma PM should probably be better for you? Maybe

Highway 211 Band says:

I was thinking of buying this bag…but I'm worried I will have same issue because I carry the kitchen sink in my bags everyday !

itineraries ZLDX says:

I loveee this bag!!!

Im not gonna use it everyday but probably when im dressing up and going out. I usually would just carry cellphone, car keys, mini wallet and thats it if im going out for the weekend or wanting to look fancy lol.

Nicole Perrelli says:

I love that bag that’s the bag I wanted for Christmas instead my fiancé got me that Elma p.m. in the monogram you want to trade lol I like bigger bags I understand where you’re coming from I currently have 23 Louis Vuitton Bags And like my Eva clutches two of them I barely use because they’re so small I have two Chanel double flaps in size small black lambskin I can count on one hand how many times I use them and we all know how much they go for but the bag you have this is the bag I want it so bad and I didn’t have it in stock and he didn’t want to wait he wanted to have something for me for Christmas he actually got me 3 Louis Bags For Christmas but I wish you waited on this one are you getting rid of it

Vicky Zogg says:

Repeat, repeat……lol

men super says:

Handles of the same length for this model ??? either one is slightly longer ???

f5371p says:

what foundation and highlighter do you use? your skin looks flawless! 🙂

toxmot says:

Too bad it didn't work for you. There is something very special about this purse. When I wear it, it gives me a feeling of elegance and sophistication. I absolutely love it but not as an everyday bag. I have the epi black version and it's uber chic. I only wear it on the weekends. Definitely not a work bag.

Anum Ali says:

Is it still for sale??

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