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Tanesha Redwood says:

The keepall macassar and palm spring pm backpack looks great together

Christine Le says:

I don't think you should worry about haters. Not like you're spending their money…

Amazinggrace Lux says:

Louis Vuitton Key Ring is very useful. Definitely a good daily item to go. I have a six ring holder and it fits my lifestyle. If it is too big for you, 4 ring will be better for you. Go for it!

AristaDanyelle says:

Gaahhhhh your makeup looks soooo bomb here😍😍😍

yong hwa says:

swear to god I thought you're 18,19 and when u said 25 I was literally shocked asf but lots of love Jenny 💛 hope you can do more eyes makeup for monolids.

SueMae Everyday says:

I completely agree with your victorine wallet assessment! Love the victorine in DE but with the studs because the button is gold and won’t scratch like the buttons with color. Great vid and list.

101JenniferC says:

I have the Victorian wallet the exact one you want. I’ve had it for a few months now and I haven’t had the problem of my cards falling out

Melissa Spurlock says:

Yay!!! We share a love for Damier Ebenne and most of what is on your list is also on mine as well!!!!
You mentioned that you don't like your key pouch and I have watched many of your videos but don't recall you mentioning that in the past and wondered if you would share your reasons why you feel that way. It has been on my list but for whatever reason, I pass it up when I'm in the market for a new piece.
Also, you are a bright and beautiful girl and I understand that there is people that get on here and feel the need to judge and be ignorant about what you spend your money on but please don't EVER, EVER feel that you have to or need to explain yourself to anyone!!!! I tell people practically everyday that everyone has something that they have a passion for and spend their money on and it's really not their business where and how your money is spent. Some spend on shoes, cars, bikes, jewelry, pets, etc. and when I point this out, these judgemental men and women have nothing to say in return. You work and save effing (lol. I am trying to stop cursing as of 2019) hard for your treasures and I can tell you plan on keeping them and using them for many years to come so turn the "haters" off in your mind and be happy and proud of your accomplishments. (I sound like a mom right now). Sorry for this long comment but I had to reach out to you and support you and your channel. Keep up the good work.
P.S. I had to recently tell a co-worker that "Haters are My Motivators"! Lol🤣

Luxy4Life: Tiffany Paperchase Norwood says:

Love your wishlist 🤩🤩! I have the victorine wallet, the card slots are tight and stay well. I have had my wallet over a year and half. The slots only would get loose if you double your cards, I wouldn’t recommend doubling cards. My wishlist has the DE Rosalie coin purse, Mono favorite & DE Alma BB 🤩🤩.

Kristyna ! says:

You are so pretty! I dont get why people care who bought them anyway. Lol

Nadina says:

Gurl you want the whole store 😳

tasha hartman says:

Great wishlist!!! I have the card holder, front row sneakers on my wishlist also 👍🏾. I felt the same about the lux sneakers. But they are sooo cute!!! Hope you get everything you want 🥰

Tiffany Tran says:

Are u still selling your Chanel mini o-case?

itineraries ZLDX says:

I really want to purchase a LV PURSEEEE!!!! Idk what others say but I know I will make use and worth my money lol

Lee Lee LV says:

Great wishlist, I just got the Victorine wallet and it is super compact I don’t see the card slots stretching to the point of them sliding out at all ,it has enough room to put other cards where you don’t have to double up in the card slots ,that’s the only way I can see the slots stretching ,other than that it’s a great wallet I had such a hard time justifying the price tag on it and I chose the original monogram with brown interior because it had the brass button I didn’t want a color button ,I have the 6 key holder and I could have honestly went for the 4 key as well but mine holds my car key fob so that makes it a plus I have it in the damier ebene with rose ballerine and I see the button becoming an issue over time ,they need to leave the brass buttons they last so much longer ,hope you get all of your items !

LuxOfParis says:

Great wishlist! I ❤️how you categorized your wishlist from SLG’s to bags. You also have some beautiful pieces on your wishlist. I hope you get all of the items you have on your list🤞

Beauty Butterfly Make up Play Time says:

Great job on this video. Enjoyed watching. 🙂❤️🦋

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