Louis Vuitton 2017 New Releases | Close ups | MOD Shots | Measurements

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Louis Vuitton January 2017 Releases
Close up photos, mod shots, and measurements of new released lv bags.
lovely birds collection
tuileries hobo
tuileries besace

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Mai Britton says:

have you thought of buying bags in Hawaii. A YouTuber CristyJ , I think has a haul from Hawaii.

Ludiwine C. says:

Great video, keep it up, thanks to you, your hubby and your sa!

Cyndi Petray says:

Great video! So informative!! Unfortunately, there was nothing that melted my heart. The only one I would consider is the Speedy. Lovely.

Bryce Johnson says:

Great job

Marvellous Melie says:

Thanks this is really helpful 🙂
My favorite is the owl bag! I gonna get one

nicethings4852 says:

Yes please do more! ?

Angela Silver says:

Hi. New subbie here. I would love to see more of these videos, very informative and interesting.

Christy Pacini says:

Hi, i enjoyed your video, very informative. I also had an opportunity to preview the collection prior to the launch date and ended up buying the Tuileries Hand that you featured in your video. Personally, I'm happy with it. I have been using it for work and like it. Did not like the Tuileries hobo as I thought I would. Thanks!

GaFFen TV says:

Only assholes use leather products.

Tangy XoXo says:

New subbie. Great video. TFS!

Gayalasy says:

Hi, thanks for the video!! I can say you did a great job not only taking pictures but your comments are so accurate?? I have seen most of the bag in person (except the speedy blue/red) and i have to say i do agree with what you said about the bags. Great idea to do videos on big releases!! Always nice to have a good documented summury. I suggest that you add information about the presence (or absence lol) of interior D-ring. Not all LV bags have them but personnally i really like it. Thank your hubby for his time?? Have a nice week-end✨

Kaela Diaz says:

Absolutely loved this video! Thank you so much! Love the photos with the purses on, those help so much and can really help us envision! <3

Little Miss says:

Great job! New Subscriber.

suzie mills says:

Not  crazy about the new designs

Sheila Warner says:

Thanks! Please keep doing these type videos.

Wanda S says:

Great review you put in lots of research. Thank You

Aurelia Hall says:

Great video! Yes, please do these again. Anticipating the new Pochette Metis collection.

Donna Jones says:

the first and last bags!!! ???

Leila Leila says:

I didn't like some of the bags but I love and appreciate your thoroughness, and how informative you were. You did an excellent job on the video! I wish you a wonderful 2017.

Nikki B says:

Excellent and informative video!

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