Louis Vuitton 2015 illustration Mini Pochette AND awesome Louis Vuitton event information!!!

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This is the Mini Pochette 2015 illustration collection in Monogram Canvas.

The launch date in the U.K for this collection is the 11th September 2015.

Enjoy! Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! xxx

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mediterranean woman says:

So beautiful !

alnsubuga says:

So pretty! I'm hoping to get the DA mini pochette. I'm still kicking myself for skipping the older illustré line (with the family travelling by train with LV trunks) a few years ago. Enjoy in good health!

Elaine O'brien says:

That LV item is just so you huni x

TheBellabalulu says:

Thank you for ur review!!?

michelle haywood says:

this is so gorgeous! i'm sooo glad i found your channel, i literally watched this – then had to go to my LV to get it. it's avail this friday in nyc – so mine is on hold, super cute IRL! thanks so much for posting – since i'm on ban i don't follow purseforum anymore so i had no idea this were coming up!! yaaaay!!!

angelanch says:

Its adordable, love it! Can't wait to get one! Cheers Rachiella!

riz14 otters says:

Hi Rach, i just ordered and saw the DZ and MN today, they look so so beautiful, I'm so exited????

Nem K says:

Such a beautiful piece Rachel! Congrats. Your SA didn't happen to mention whether the collection would be available online did he? Would love to be able to order this piece :)

Stuckonstyle2 Robin (StuckonStyle2) says:

This is so cute! Love it! You also look as lovely as ever my dear. xoxo rs

Sallyann Widdowfield says:

Omg these are sooo cute….. I'd love a azure mini pouchette….. Haven't got any of that in my collection…….. Big love ?

okapi323 says:

It's really fun. I love how they incorporated the LV monogrames into the smoke.

Yvette van Calcar says:

Dear Rachiella! i LOVE THIS collection so much i have actually called the store up, whilst watching your video haha… and yes you are so right no reservations no information was given to me but i need this!!! Currently in Stockholm…. but may i ask did you see any Cles illustrations? or what other SLGS did you see? thanks so much xxxx

leatherforever01 says:

Super cute! Congrats! Looking forward to your vlog! X

The Luxe Boy says:

I really like your videos! I also make YouTube video's about fashion items! You should take a look and let me know what you think! Thanks! :)


I feel sick with excitement…..totally gorgeous. Would you know if the key holders come with the limited edition print or just pouchettes and key rings? Need it, want it, got to have it xxxx

Serafina Recalcitrant says:

The damier ebene has the brown lining too. Hugs, Kiki

Elaine Howard says:

Hi Rachel, wow, I love it, this is the very first video I've seen with this beautiful illustration on the mini poshette, I've seen quite a few Bags in the monogram print with different designs, but I have to say this is the prettiest illustration ever….. Thank you so much for sharing your latest acquisition…. Much love and big hugz ??????xxxxxx

kelli loves3 says:

It's so cute!!! Congrats!!

Bags&Beauty says:

Lovely piece, I wouldn't be without my mini pochette. I have to ask, what blush and lipstick are you wearing? They look so lovely on you

Karen .Houser says:

Ive preordered this exact piece here in the States! Can't wait for it to arrive. Enjoy yours!!! It's obvious you're very excited. Thank you for the video.

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