Louis Vuiton Review (Empreinte Artsy MM)

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Empreinte Artsy MM (Width x Height x Depth) 18.1 x 12.6 x 9.4 inches -Infini(color) -Interior zipped pocket and 6 patch pockets -D-ring -Striped textile lining.

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Jacky Hong says:

can u do a review on your sarah wallet, i know theres a lot of reviews out there already but i really love your review style. and you have a sweet voice girl 🙂
subbed 🙂

Audrey McCulley says:

Love this review… My aunt has been pushing towards this bag…. thinking by Christmas I should make my mind up, thanks for doing this review.

tssapp says:

Loving the bag!

Haute328 says:

Ok will do

Haute328 says:

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Haute328 says:

Lol i bet you will have it soon

Haute328 says:

Awe thank you for supporting my channel

Haute328 says:

Thank you

EmpressTg says:

Nice review, love the bag!!


,Had to subscribe to ur channel great video, Love this Bag

ljavu says:

gorgeous bag

DeeSobeautiful says:

this is such a great bag 🙂 every time i see it, i want it lol i cant shop too much now got to save for the wedding lol

fancyfee929 says:

Lovely bag and great review Haute328!

MadisonTaj says:

Great review love the color.

princessinfini says:

Great review!!! As always, I adore your style!

Venice Jenkins says:

Greatttt review on this bag and yes it’s very heavy lol oooh god lol

zeniakg81 says:

I have the Artsy in the Azur print and I must say that’s its a great bag.

funkydiva1201 says:

Fabulous handbag. I love the charm. Another great review!

fitjock1 says:

you must do a artsy comparison video! is the artsy your favorite lv bag? your likes and dislikes of each. also, which is a fav of your empriente bags, lumi or artsy? tks

Marisol Ramos says:

Please accept my request on Instagram. Mari1Ramos

LadyChanel84 says:

Love this color…. I really want either the artsy or Lumi in this color!!! Have you had any problems with color transfer in this bag? I know every bag is different… I had an issue with color transfer inside my Bloomsbury PM… My Azur Cles started to get a slight red tint around the edges… But I’ve not had a problem with any other DE bags!!

MSpanders10 says:

I love your Artsy! I have it in the Monogram and Azur, I love the details of this bag, it’s my very favorite LV bag. I would love to own a bag in the Empreinte in the Speedy 30 (some day). 🙂 Love how your charm looks on the bag. Thank you so much for this review!

ddgladiva says:

I love this bag. I keep seeing it everywhere. You guys keep tempting me…  Such a fabulous bag and yours looks perfectly broken in

pptgirl says:

Girl, you ain’t lyin’! This is ridiculous! 

Haute328 says:

Thank you, cant wait til you get yours you are going to love to her!

Haute328 says:

Oh thats so nice of you, its a great subtle bag for non logo lovers shes going to love it!

Haute328 says:

Thank you, its definetly a great bag!

Haute328 says:

Thanks doll, the artsy is such a gorgeous bag I wish i could have them all! lol

Haute328 says:

Lol, your list is getting longer, and longer!

Haute328 says:

I think the Azur artsy is gorgeous, it actually the only azur bag I love!

Haute328 says:

Thank you, the empreinte speedy 30 is so cute I love it!

MsMakeupLover78 says:

Very nice review. I hope I will be able to purchase the empreinte speedy thirty.

uconn2005cb says:

I think I want the Azur Artsy in the future.

pptgirl says:

Oh you are just being so mean!! This is on my fall list. Artsy is my fav!

che tiandra says:

i love the artsy, great review. i want the monogram.

Nurse Mechel says:

Yes the bag is a tad heavy, I also wish that they would have made the inner liner lighter. My hubby got mine as a gift a couple of years ago as well. But I love it.

AJHappyheart says:

I just love the colour of your empriente artsy one of my favourite LV bags, I have the monogram. Thanks for sharing!

Alyssa G says:

Im Gonna Get This Bag For My Mom She Doesn’t Like Logos But The Dark Color Doesn’t Really Show It Much 

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