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Hi everyone! I hope that this video is helpful, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section! Thank you for all the love and support xo

Items mentioned:
Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder – https://bit.ly/2SNIZJD
Louis Vuitton Key Pouch – https://bit.ly/2Cm12zo

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Amazinggrace Lux says:

Congrats on your 6 ring holder. I have the same one and have always been really enjoy it. It is a very functional item to me as well:)

lvluxdelight says:

Hi doll ❤️ That's interesting that your slg's are in Damier Ebene.. The mono goes so well with that print..gosh, I want that wallet 😍 I have this 6 key holder in the DE.. Twinsies!! Wow, I never thought of why I shouldn't put my license in there! Thanks for that sweets.. I'll never do it again 😬 I love that you want to upload more vids ❤️ I usually come in through my garage and don't need my key to get in.. But I do use a key for my mailbox… I'll def get a few ring attachments..I learned some great tips from this vid.. Happy our key holders are matching prints! Xoxo 😘😘

Yoshea Lux says:

Loving your hair! Love both of the items! I use both of my everyday! ❤️ Tfs!!

Stephanie G says:

Love the hacks that you shared. I have the key pouch in monogram so I’m not needing the key holder but I definitely can see why so many people love it. You’re skin is looking extra nice and glowy in this video!

Tiff Sinclair says:

Such a thoughtful review! I can’t afford luxury right now but I enjoy your luxury videos none the less

Cherry Opalla says:

So happy you finally got this bad boy! It's my first LV piece and it's really a game changer. Love your hair, btw 😍

Hello Harley says:

So this is the little cute purchase you got. I didn’t ask because I figured you’d upload a video❤️❤️❤️

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