Looks and accessories from the Spring-Summer 2019 collection – CHANEL

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A closer look at the Spring-Summer 2019 collection, including a new line-up of beach-themed accessories.

More on https://www.chanel.com/-YT_SS19_RTW

Glass Candy : Naked City – Courtesy Of Italians Do It Better

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Gemma Meek says:

The sandals are gorgeous

Candice Swanepoel Love Victoria’s Secret says:

Love ❤️😊❤️!

Rina Ruston says:

yes ratner is fire

Jennifer S says:

Junk jewelry..honestly..who would wear it?

Ricky Khor says:

confirmed I can't afford any of it

김연이 says:

Am I the only one who thinks all Chanel's models look like a princess? So pretty with that wink and smile💕

Janko janko You says:

These time there was not an interview with Karl Lagerfeld

eltontointergalaktiko says:

Look thats me

Melichita Lazo says:


Melichita Lazo says:


Melichita Lazo says:


Kevin Reyes says:


Jeanne Luddeni says:

Love love it all

Anait Anait says:

LOVE , LOVE , LOVE !!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

johanna cola says:


유투브아인슈타인 says:

굿입니다요 🌹

Cyn X says:

Iconic set!


Sooo beautiful, I love everything they put on. The setting, music, beach, it is phenomenal. Awesome job❤️

Payton Steele says:

I would do anything to walk in anything Chanel down a run way.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Angie Cari says:

Me encantó 😍

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