Lisa Eldridge on LES BEIGES. Natural is a style – CHANEL

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LES BEIGES DE CHANEL introduces a new easygoing approach to healthy glow makeup. Discover how Lisa Eldridge creates a natural and spontaneous everyday look i…

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Comments says:

You have done a great job !! I am appreciating with you.

lollipopfop says:

She looks very pretty to me. I hate how people look with obvious make
up…and what is more most men absolutely hate obvious make up.

Ariana says:

Chanel did a fine job when they decided to select the amazing and talented
makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, to create their makeup videos

cristina roverso says:

im amazed at how soft and radiant your skin looked after applying the
powder! i cant wait for mine to get shipped out!

Melissa Hayes says:

Great look.

CHANEL says:

LES BEIGES DE CHANEL introduces a new easygoing approach to healthy glow
makeup. Discover how Lisa Eldridge creates a natural and spontaneous
everyday look in one simple step.

Clara Monteiro says:

This is out of stock everywhere, at least in the shades I want: 20 or

I, Adaora says:

I wonder how this would work for someone with normal skin all over and
drier cheeks? And I wonder how accommodating this will be for darker skins.
I’d really like to try this…basically because Lisa has made it look so
easy and luxurious!

Krista Roman says:

The scent of the powder is divine and that little touch-up brush is
actually good! I want to get a couple more for bronzing.

isingtomyownbeat08 says:

I swear, hiring Lisa was one of the best things Chanel has ever done. She
literally makes me want to buy every single Chanel product.

Coraline LTB says:

@micapetey Because the world is not all about USA. Be patient. -.-‘

Epiphany Kearney says:

Oh my, Nany Botwen from weeds.

abciao says:

I love Lisa, but I don’t get the product features.

Sara Kovač says:

Le Volume de Chanel is the best Chanel mascara so far. It gives you all you
need from mascara and it doesn’t smudge which is very important to me. I
was also lucky to try this new powder and I didn’t like it. For me with
combination skin it’s too light, it doesn’t give me any coverage. I think
it will best suit people who have good skin and don’t need any coverage.

angerbell3 says:

my god. yeah i definitely want to buy that now. it looked so amazing in the
finished result compared to her skin before!! chanel…bravo on choosing
lisa! smart move 😉

LunarLogie says:

Or she could’ve exfoliated that day, applied a masque, had a bit too much
Sun. There’s a multitude of reasons. I know my skin doesn’t stay red
constantly and it’s still as sensitive as when I was a baby. 😛

oneLife1life says:

Wonderful Lisa :))

gliterypiink says:

stunning with little makeup! Lisa is beautiful and this is what you get
when you buy quality makeup products

Bluefairy0173 says:

Hello Gorgeous Lisa you look fantastic 🙂 love how simple yet super great
look ♥ oxox Melinda

TheDann35 says:

qui sommes nous qui se pose là

kabiria69 says:

Lisa do you wear it after foundation???

Jeremy Huddleson says:

she looks like she already has foundation and brows on lol :L

lauraistooawesome says:

when does it come out in the US?

hartprep says:


Monsieur Mark says:

What’s the look that she says at 00:18 ??? My French is not that good u.u

missbeautyvic says:

Is it a powder or a bronzer?

mahua jewelsbymahua says:

amazing 🙂

khl1987 says:

so is this a face powder or a compact powder foundation or a compact
mineral foundation?

Shania George says:

Mineral makeup has been around for years. There is nothing similar about

MissJuliaCupcake says:

You’re so right! I’m a student and even I can’t hold myself from buying
chanel when I see these videos!

La Duchessa says:

Lisa+Chanel= magnifique combo!

mariazozo says:

Lisa, would this work on dry skin? And do I have to apply it right after
moisturizing my skin? Thanks

Iulia Protesaru says:

Not saying you’re wrong, she might have foundation on, but this video could
have also been filmed a long time before Lisa’s personal video was filmed.
Often these things (corporation-wise) are planned at least a month in
advance so it’s possible that she filmed this before the little “redness”
🙂 or the other way around 😛

Georgina Wong says:

Do you still apply skin care on before the powder?

Hayley P says:

you’re gorgeous even without make up! by far my fave make up artist 🙂

momgoes2uni says:

I recently reviewed a foundation from Chanel for dark skin. Check it out.

Julenne Barshop says:

I really enjoy your guidance! Thank you Lisa!

butterfly27473 says:

can the powder be used on dry skin?

I, Adaora says:

I think so, but plenty of other brands have adapted this formula – and I
think if you look at how Too Faced is doing something similar to Guerlain’s
illuminating beads – everyone is borrowing from everyone and putting their
own twist on things.

micapetey says:

It’s out in the UK but not the US until August? Then why so much promotion
four months before the launch?

ahmsusie says:

i can’t believe i’ve been missing out on so many lisa elridge videos!!!

Myra72 says:

i love Lisa! <3

Ma Zonis says:

good chanel has done such a great job hiring you, i want all chanel brushes
now! too bad i cant afford it!

Robertking1996 says:

That was a powder???!!! I saw the effect immediately as she applied it 0.o
The texture it gave her skin was unreal for a powder

Chantellerebecca says:

i wish it was alonger video!x

Aisha Muslimah says:

I LOVE YOU LISA! I love all the makeup tutorials you have done. You are
amazing and I wish you did my wedding makeup.

BertolinaSissa says:

Amazing! like always! love you Lisa!

atalantaruns says:

i love lisa, but i feel like she already had something on her skin before
she applied the powder…

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