Lisa Eldridge on How to Create The Autumn Look – CHANEL Makeup

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Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge shows you how to apply the Autumn-Winter 2011 Collection, Illusions d’ombres. See other looks on

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SRILANKA1000 says:

Amazing look.. says:

It is really a fantastic tutorial for all.

SRILANKA1000 says:

Amazing look..

martadavies says:

What eye brush is she using???

Olivia Motta says:

I don’t think Lisa would support something she wasn’t a fan of. Chanel has
high quality products that perform well, I trust Lisa’s opinion.

IntoBlackHouse says:

I think Lisa’s very bare face at the beginning looked extremely chic. The
total simplicity of it, in combination with the strong brows, looked
gorgeous and fresh.

sheneverlookedback says:

There was not a single Dior product in this video so I don’t even know why
you’re here.

Lorene Nielsen says:

I have Ebloui and Illusoire. I cannot recommend them enough. They are
stunning colors and they apply quickly, so you get a really lovely, chic,
elegant look in a few seconds but not over the top. I just returned
Emerveille today because that one I could not really figure out what to do
with using it alone. Dang, now that I have seen how Lisa paired that
underneath Ebloui I’m sad I took it back. Due to my Chanel addiction I am
sure I’ll be going back to repurchase. I need counselling! 🙂

MissSarcasm82 says:

I love these eyeshadows. I have have three of them, even though I only
allowed myself to buy one. I couldn’t pick just one. They are gorgeous and
blend like a dream.

karenwinter1986 says:

I don’t think that they are actually cakey, I think that the lighting is
picking up the shimmer in the eyeshadow. I know it’s happened to me before!

kuropixie says:

yay I’ve got Graphite! <3

bitchezBEhatin92 says:

Insulting others is the lowest form of wit and shows you have no class or
intelligence. I don’t agree with either of your arguments but it’s
insufferably annoying when you use petty insults to back any argument.

EmLove2013 says:

@hoppingandpurring i agree that cosmetic testing is cruel, but at the same
time think of the consequences of not using it? Before we can change the
industry, we have to come up with a new plan.

Jana Fikrlová says:

I absolutely love this look! 🙂 Great job once again! 🙂 xxx

cruz111 says:

lol me too

bananacraig says:

@69desigrl “Um sweetheart”, yes I was giving you it from a marketing
perspective because I am in marketing. However, neither of us know what she
thinks of the product. You make out as if she’s a terrible make up artist.
Clearly she’s not. You come across as being pretty naive, “sweetheart”.

jen mardh says:

kristen stewart?

falloutmnky says:

@69desigrl do you have any idea who lisa eldridge is? if her shadows are
cakey thats because of the quality of the shadow not the application.

Christian Erwin Ramirez Beermann says:

@irishka180 Let’s not forget Gaspard Ulliel for the making of Bleu de
Chanel! 😀

babycakes0705 says:

LOVE the new shadows! I have them 🙂 I also want to get Graphite <3

aqsa khan says:

true but i dont agree that the point got across because so many people
think its the product itself thats awful, which is why people are arguing
so much. I thought so too until i realized that its more the person than
the product.

victoriaindigo says:

@MsDDiddy These are gorgeous shadows and Lisa applies them with a light
hand so they’re not cakey at all, thumbs up to Lisa for this gorgeous look!

aqsa khan says:

no its not. cream eyeshadows should not be cakey, if they are then its not
good quality. in no way whatsoever is that an overstatement, thats a simple

bananacraig says:

@69desigrl Therefore, you have no proof to say that Lisa does not like the
products she’s endorsing because your argument is based on your own
personal opinion. I don’t care if people agree with you; they are wrong.
You do not know if Lisa likes the eye shadow, therefore you cannot cast
judgement on whether she’s a liar or not. You can argue against this, but
it’s factual. You cannot read her mind.



Tiffany Filippini says:

@69desigrl lol! right…ok. whatever you say. 😉

Womanstached says:

Exactly, but people much prefer to jump to conclusions and point fingers at
the product rather than take said factors into account. Which just ends up
tons of bickering in the comments.

ellie3444 says:

i think chanel should broaden there business a bit more and sell more
darker shades of foundation. frankly i can’t but and face makeup from
chanel because they have very few shades. BEAUTY COMES IN ALL DIFFERENT

PeaceLoveErika1 says:

@hoppingandpurring Lisa doesn’t need to take a stand on anything because
Chanel does not test their cosmetics on animals at all! I am a regional
makeup artist for the Chanel and fellow animal lover. I wish that activists
wouldn’t be so quick to judge the actions of others especially without
conducting research first.

Cielo Turchese says:

The Benefit creaseless creams last as well and the colors are similar and
they’re a bit less expensive 🙂

aqsa khan says:

wow way to be a hypocrite. you’re the one insulting me so way to show your
“class” and “intelligence.”

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