L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance Review

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Carlos Couto says:

Lol… It’s like eating apple pie in an igloo; I’m not a big fan of this scent, but nice review

912alldaylong says:

Good review, keep reviewing fragrances you like, why rant on fragrances ?, unless over, over hype fragrances, he…

krazykman69 says:

What is the release date for the intense version of YSL lhomme?

DMOtron32 says:

Awesome review…also one of my favorites. I’d pick this over a lot, including “niche” fragrances.

R Isho says:

Awesome Review by the way.

R Isho says:

Will you be getting a bottle of the new intense version.

CreedFragz34 says:

Can’t wait for the perfume release. Definitely buying a bottle. I do love this stuff. Great review.

VikingShaver says:

Great review. I get 6-7 hours longevity. Love it. Will buy the Intense version ASAP.

Rada J says:

Great smell, but performance is horrendous.. I can’t wait for the parfum version

Andres Barquero says:

Please review Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Parfum Intense once its released

TheSoulstance says:

Classic cant go wrong

AmjadJDM says:

Nice review!

Just read up on the EDP version of this, I can’t wait to try it! Sadly sold my L’homme as it didn’t last or project for me

westbury09 says:

hexagon is the shape. looking foward to the EDP version. nice review

kez850 says:

EDP of l’homme?? can’t wait!

ManLovesCologne says:

Yeah I remember when I was in France late summer in 2006 and this was everywhere there! I don’t think it had arrived yet in the states! I almost I would get this but I picked up 34 Boulevard St Germaine by Diptyque as it kind of reminds me of this!

ManLovesCologne says:

I guess I never really got into this one! I like the scent but don’t love it! Great review! 🙂

cerversa says:

Exxxelent review. Awesome scent.

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