L’Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent | Fragrance Review

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Notes: 02:11 | Ratings: 09:51.

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Lionel Woods says:

I actually would rate it about the same. I smelled the 1 million intense and liked it quite a bit to. It looks like sweet is going to be the next movement in designer frags

dracdoc says:

I have not, but I just took a look at the site.. very good presentation (Im a sucker for marketing) Ill check them out

dracdoc says:

I have one for high schoolers, which IMO would double as one for Teens

Eddie C says:

YSL website has the 2.0 for $55

Eddie C says:

I went to Macy’s today to sniff this out. I was actually going to get it if they had the 2.0 like the YSL offers but they only had the 3.3 for 100. I’m a proud owner of the original and La Nuit BUT Intense Parfum is sickly sweet and something I dont find nice at all. And then you tack on the ridiculous price tag and it becomes an absolute joke, in my humble opinion..wont be purchasing

Cordario Webb says:

There are some similarities but the notes are quite different on dry down.

Camilla Rabbit says:

there’s a YSL makeup products review in my channel! Check it out 🙂

IcebergPuba says:

Sounds disappointing, especially because I’m not a fan of 1 Million
Maybe I’ll have a sniff sometime soon

Jonathan Walton says:

@dracdoc  Have you had a chance to experience anything from the 2012 Ermenegildo Zegna’s “Essenze” Collection? The full details on the collection are on the ermenegildozegna webiste, and it seems very promising. I have yet to see anybody on the internet give a review on any of the five fragrances that are part of this collection. The premise behind this collection is very cultural and interesting. LOVE your reviews and well spoken manner! You’re very helpful!

Moedub216 says:

Good review, I’m still on the fence about this one. Another couple samples away from a decision.

dracdoc says:

Frunkinator or Robes08 will work for either 10 or 15% , I forget which

jechero4e1 says:

Can U Hook a Brother Up with a Good coupon code from MinNY then, i wil great and very appreciative if you PM with one, that is if you have one that is valid towards MINny..Thanks Cody anyways for feedback regardless ..God bless..Keepem, coming

Chris Jaworsky says:

Love your vids. Could you by chance do a video for best frags for teens? Or the title of a good video with good fragrances?

gigaman2012 says:

i love the original l’homme, this one is different, in a bad way..

dracdoc says:

Try MIN NY with a coupon code… other than that you probably wont’ much luck (I don’t know)

8rk7 says:

I got the name wrong. It’s actually it’s called Luna Rossa Extreme. I like it. It reminded me of PAPHI but I need to wear it more. A lot of black pepper and maybe anise with a powdery amber. I like what they did with this flanker.

jechero4e1 says:

Cody, Out of context ?4U. Do u know where can I purchase a legit 100Ml bottle pa Amouage XXV for less then $300. I Luv this frag but not willing to shell out that many Benjamin’s for it even though I like it alot. Please help Cody or anyone…Thanks

Tal Mamatov says:

I was hoping against hope that this will be l’homme with better longevity and projection. When will I learn? 🙁

dracdoc says:

Ditto.. costs more per ounce on the larger size..wierd

dracdoc says:

I have a couple of different types of reviews..this one doesn’t have them.

dracdoc says:

Just ordered it, ill let you know

dracdoc says:


dracdoc says:

Now THAT’s a line I still have yet to try.. the Narciso Rodriguez line.. both that and the Musc Version. Need to get my hands on it

dracdoc says:

Hmmm.. I may. I don’t have that Creed and to be honest.. I’m not a fan. (That’s never stopped me from reviewing fragrances though)

dracdoc says:

Hey.. I agree 🙂

dracdoc says:

I have not tried it, what does it remind you of? Or whats it smell like?

dracdoc says:

Interesting, I have not smelled 1 million absolute gold.. I looked for it at Macy’s though.. they didn’t have it.

dracdoc says:

It’s on my list, Ill probably get to it this fall/winter

Steve Tsotras says:

Macy’s fragrance SAs not knowing what they are talking about? how shocking !!!

freddiephoto1 says:

felt the same way bro.. initial reaction was this is nice but too close to 1million.. then when performance went down hill quickly I decided not worth my buck!

wagsbass says:

Frags like 1 mil have to be worn tastefully, otherwise they tend to be annoying.

Fábio Condé says:

Thanks for this review, if it´s is similar 1 Million, i pass 🙂

root9065 says:

Thanks for the great review bro! It doesn’t look like this flanker will make it into my collection.I will be able to test it in a couple of days, but I’m not holding my breath. I have La Nuit EDT and it seems to me it’s the only one worth buying from the “l’homme” line.

Pat Chooley says:

Atleast the YSL bottle lookes like a million dollars. No, if I want bubblegum inside tacky plastic i’d rather get a gumball machine than Paco’s version.

Philip Yomtov says:

Great review, Code. I tend to agree with you. It’s kinda like 1 Million, but not exactly the same. I have a feeling YSL didn’t actually know what they were doing with this one. And this is the worst of the flankers. (I consider La Nuit and L’homme some of the best ones to come out this decade)

pv52fa says:

The pricing on that is so screwed up! It makes no sense for the larger size to be more per ounce.

Max Forti says:

Great review by the way Doc! Keep ’em coming…!

Max Forti says:

it’s NOT like 1 million! If anything it’s really close to Jean Paul Gaultier 2, it’s a more subdued version at that… Good fragrance… On the expensive side for a designer!

Atmosphereification says:

Thanks for the review. Will check it out when it comes to the stores where I live.

tim dog says:

Where are the women opinions you normally do??? Still good review buddy..

go4sony says:

Excellent review man , ur right the most Macy’s or department store sales person are not knowledgable

Jmedo25 says:

I have ambre bakdessarini is there any other fragrances like that!? I’m running out of it but if there’s a better fragrance like baldessarini I want to know

Geraldo Neto says:

Doc, you are one of the best fragrance reviewers on youtube!
I admire a lot your job! It’s excelent!
Thanks for what you’ve been doing in perfumery world!
Hugs from Brazil!

Adamizer702 says:

The grape bubblegum analogy and the sweetness makes me think this smells similar to gaultier2

MrVernon437 says:

Great review bro. I smelled this one in Macy’s today. I liked it. I think it will be in my collection soon.

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