L’Homme Libre by Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance Cologne Review

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Josias Santacruz says:

$30 3.4oz at ross, im thinking about purchasing it

nick newman says:

Good scent for sure!

Hust11er says:


Masterofvideo457 says:

Hey i need a scent for the winter. Which is the best pick? libre, la nuit, allure, or encre noire?

JoeFrappuccino says:

To me, this scent is not green at all. It’s sweet(like the original L’homme) and spicy.

cueuoreffu says:

you’re so bedazzling

LovelyMorwen says:

Cubby, we miss you 🙁

Sammy Fuentes says:

La Nuit de l’Homme vs L’homme libre. Which one do you prefer? Thanks Cubby.

FragRevel says:

I Love it too, I also think it is underrated, I do Not find it perfect for summer, I do not think it is frozen or aquatic, it is really Spicy and kind of fruity, I consider it is perfect for fall, spring and summer cool nights, because it is very spicy.. Aweesoomee bottle btw!

jhowardgreenthumb says:

Love this frag. Imo way underrated

SaintLaurentParis says:


Tal Mamatov says:

You have done some very interesting and compelling reviews. Kudos on that.  Just wondering if I might tempt you to rate another one, mémoire d’homme by nina ricci. Would really love to hear your take on it. It’s pretty rare, and discontinued at that. But therein lies the allure of it for me. Merci mille fois en avance!

daferabass333 says:

I love perfume but I’m female , is it ok if I put on

hardboiled89 says:

first thing i said when i smelled this: FUCK!
second thing i did, i bought it.

sarmeen yazdani says:

this is amazing…..keep going

cformosa4 says:

IM BACK 🙂 Posted a new video 😀

cformosa4 says:

and Andres. i will definitely look into your order. thanks so much for your support!

cformosa4 says:

thanks so much! i am glad the work is appreciated 😀

cformosa4 says:

hey! thanks for your suggestion! 🙂 Check out my video called “Cheap But Good Fragrances for Everyday!”

cformosa4 says:

thanks so much – so glad you like the video!

cdesade says:

Aphex Twin! Enjoy watching your reviews and finding new scents, thanks for all your work!

NTjhung says:

Can you please do a video about cheap scents that are more for younger men? It’s kind of hard to find scents that suit me, and as a 19 year old college student I would like to find something that suits me that is not to overbearing or masculine.


i love your reviews

Andres Ibañez says:

Hey I ordered some decants from the website a week and a half ago, am i supposed to get any updates/emails on shipping process like the carrier and current location or I only wait until the 2 weeks are over to get it?

DRCxGFX says:

Come back cubby :(

Davevel91 says:

I’m curious about this one! I purchased it online right after watching this. Can’t wait for it to get here, it sounds nice!

ghstr3conkaZ3 says:

i also just bought this and its so freeeeesh

vaportrails77 says:

Great review! This one has really grown on me. I agree that its not as generic as people make it out to be. With the added leather and spice on top off the herbal green freshness I think it does a good job standing on its own to feet. Mr. versatile I like to call it! Always enjoy your reviews!

Max Forti says:

 I’m currently looking for:
YSL M7 (Original formula) 2002

Max Forti says:

All listed below are available for swap/trade or for sale:
2.5oz L’instant De Guerlain Extreme 99.99% full with box $80 (only three sprays were used)
2.5oz L’instant De Guerlain Extreme BNIB $90
2.5oz Montblanc Individuel 95% full with box $40
3.4oz Comme des Garcons Sequoia RED BNIB $100
3.4oz Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules BNIB $100

TOONS1200 says:

ok, so i have a serious fruity sweet tooth this fall.
i have diesel fuel for life and lacoste style in play…do you have any other suggestions that have that sort of kool aid fruity wine vibe that lacoste red has? i’m really into those scents right now for some reason. i’ve never tried dkny be delicious before and i hear thats like super fruity. idk i just want another super fruity one! lol

abcleo63 says:

Cubby, great to see another review from you. I agree with everything you said in the video. Its interesting how YSL pulled off the “frozen” air feel without using a mint note. I am disappointed with the longevity, only about 4 hours max on me. Everyone misses your reviews, hope to see more in the future!

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