L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance/Cologne Review (2006)

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I revisit a old favourite. L’homme by YSL , a versatile fragrance that is a people pleaser.

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Aris K says:

This is the best frag from YSL. Nice not too strong but still says hey Im here…To me it lasts for 6-8 hours. I give it 8/10

Judahsmoon says:

yea I think this is a great fragrance…..when you can do a review on sex panther

johnjohn0385 says:

This fragrance is quite boring for a ysl. It’s those kind of generic fragrance without identity made to sell a maximum. It smells like 1000 others perfumes.The older ysl had more identity. I think this one is overhyped in the North American community.

Micha Rsu says:

We are Legion!
We love YSL l’homme!
Expect us!

tritondriver1 says:

Great review !

Nevermore2007 says:

this is a great fragrance to fish for compliments 🙂 i love this cologne

traficliter says:

@robes08 could you do libre l’homme by ysl?

flippinjon says:

Just ordered it. Thanks for the reassurance 🙂

paulevans1973 says:

Everything on feelunique is the real deal, mate. Buy with confidence.

flippinjon says:

Considering buying a bottle of this from feelunique, it’s only £24.99 for 40ml, can anyone tell me if this is likely to be fake or legit?

TheSoulstance says:

Just got it today loving it

dizzzzzzzle says:

in my experience with it it can be over applied. The sprayer is really good so i found less was more with me.

kez850 says:

Go into JC Pennys or Dillards and they will have a sample bottle

Miguel Miranda says:

l’homme vs gucci pour homme II

wich one would you choose?

rocmd2020 says:

smells incredible..but isnt that strong. if someone is close they will smell it..but doesnt project that much. you can shower in it and it wont matter much..so really no worries about over spraying.

MrZwaaWob says:

Where can i get samples of this?

flipgangsta16 says:

Gucci Pour Homme II vs Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme? i think everyone would be asking this…please do answer.

donnyz89 says:

Smells really nice but has a feminine perfume feel

OpoSai says:

This one is really rich in ingredients. Sweet and fresh, one of my top favorites.

TheBagBalm says:

I smell honey in this fragrance.

ianwongone says:

I kinda of like L’homme Gingembre better than this one. Gingembre seems to be lighter and fresher and less spicy making it better for teens, i think. The only thing that sucks for gingembre is that it’s an eau de cologne making the longevity sucking real hard. Would this be correct ?

dolphinsattack says:

For summer days/casual I’m buying Versace Man Eau Fraiche. For spring/summer/fall cooler days/nights I’m going with YSL L’Homme.

dimi583 says:

also me find all bottles of Homme line very boring and ugly?

datle07 says:

Nothing from Chanel’s men fragrances can compare with L’homme and La nuit! YSL wins absolutely!

datle07 says:

It’s hard to say which is better. L’homme is a scent of every seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and everytime (day, afternoon, night). La nuit is suitable for spring/autumn/winter (not summer) and works the best in the night. If you are a quite, soft, gentle, sensitive, delicated… person ===>choose L’homme. If you are a young, active, dynamic, stylish, liberal…===>go with La nuit. For me, I am the man of “L’homme style” at the day and become the man of “La nuit style” at the night!

Alcatraz DaPrison says:

Which is is better!? Please reply i want to buy 1 of Them

Bama47boi says:

Ysl have all the beeyotches on ya tip

sk8girldecks11 says:

I’d go with l’homme.

kez850 says:

L’Homme for cool summer nights/mild fall days and La Nuit for Fall days/nights or even slightly warm winter days.

Aaron Rahn says:

Still love your vids bro!

Ricardo Rodrigues says:

I own both this and ‘La Nuit’, use them both as signature scents, literally for day and ‘nuit’ time.

CL F says:

It good but it does not last long and projection is not good

MrQ8center says:

This or L’Homme Cologne Gingembre ? because you mention this is for fall and spring .. I need something for summer HEAT .. I feel L’Homme Cologne Gingembre is made for summer . I tested the original and I liked it but my question is will it handle the heat ?

Luan Nguyen says:

Heeey I bought a 200ml version of La Nuit, can you tell me if this is a fake? Here are the descriptions. The cap feels plastic but is still heavy. The label is nicely done and does not scratch off. When I shake it, the bubbles at the top dissapear in like 10 seconds? When I tilt it horizontally, there is these particles at the surface of the bottle… Looks like sugar… That is what scares me. Also on many sites, they do not sell the 200ml version. Mark help me out.

Joe Cuzzolino says:

L’Homme or la Nuit?

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