L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent Cologne / Fragrance Review

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A Review of L’Homme Sweet creamy Citrus opening with ginger and spices that smells similar to apple but not quite. Crisp, classy that develops a floral note …

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Austin Aubry says:

Got this fragrance set for Christmas. Loving it! Thanks for the review.

threekill28 says:

This is a random question but how much sprays should I apply ?

dracdoc says:

As with all fragrance, it really depends if it fits your personality and
you can pull it off

Yao Crook says:

Help would this fragrance be good in high school?

thiziztony says:

L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent or Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey in your
opinion? I’m in between those two right now, let me know, Thanks!

dracdoc says:

Their both good.. I use them for different occasions

spoonthegoon729 says:

Great review!!!

oufootball24 says:

I don’t know why I can’t adjust to this one. One of the spices in this
cologne makes it too “sharp” for my nose. It seems overpowering and before
I know it I have a massive headache. You think that might be the pepper?

john smith says:

You look like pusha t And malice.

Jesse Mseitif says:

Cody, Thanks for the excellent review. Just as others have mentioned, I
believe you were spot on in your description of L’homme. It was also nice
how you showed the similarities and differences of it and Boss Bottled, as
many people always have questions on that. L’homme is a fragrance I really
enjoy and will always have a place in my collection. Thanks for the review!

dracdoc says:

@mannyb332211 Hmm, I don’t have Bleu de Chanel yet, but when I get it, ill
try the combo

AP0LL0edc says:

This is a classic! A must-have for any guy’s fragrance collection!

Daniel Dumitriu says:

great review !!!

VetiverBoy says:

Thanks for another great review! I agree, It’s a good Fall fragrance, I
live in California and I wear it in Summertime too. I just purchased the
2.0 oz bottle from Walgreen’s dot com where it’s on sale for $38.45 + they
have a 20% off discount promo code for all fragrances.When applied the cost
went down to $30.76 before taxes & with free shipping too. If it’s out of
stock you should check back often to see if they restocked it. I had to
pass this great deal on to my fellow fragrance lovers.

Chris Jaworsky says:

What number of sprays would you recommend for a casual day out?

Frank N Scents says:

Great review sir!!! I like this more than boss bottled…ultra versatille
is definitely was this fragrance is

K Singh says:

hey man just looking into buying another fragrance which would you suggest
between this one and issey miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme. Great review by
the way

wagsbass says:

this is beautiful, its my room mates signature scent

TUMblyWUMbly says:

Where are you getting it for so cheap? I just paid $60 for 2oz

vmendonc says:

Great JOb Bud!!! thanks for sharing!

TUMblyWUMbly says:

Unless it was a tester. Darn it.

dracdoc says:

I like both of these though I may be tempted to say L’ea D’issey

zaetown89 says:


dracdoc says:


Lilreeces10 says:

Great review. I just grabbed a bottled after swapping D&G The One Sport for
it at Sepjhora. That Sport was kind of weak and ppl had to be in your face
to smell it

bluelemons07 says:

finished it cody i love you ….no homo haha your review is perfect for
this fragrance, i agree with you 100% on the fall and spring time, i lean
more towards fall (but i wear this 15 days out of every month haha) try
wearing this in raining/ overcast weather it really shines

akira kazmi says:

I now currently own all 3 main L’Hommes, Original, La Nuit, and Libre. I
have La Nuit La Parfum on the way… didn’t really like Summer or
Gingembre. Great video as always dude.

vaportrails77 says:

hey to me the dry down to this is reminiscent of the dry down to issey
miyake’s leu d’issey. the citrus freshness aspect to me is on the same
level. I’m considering picking this up as a daytime scent for the summer.
your thoughts? good review!!

dracdoc says:

I like this better

kez850 says:

The perfume smell from the initial blast of l’homme is great

dracdoc says:

I would go with the original?

zionroad90 says:

I feel like I’m cheating on robes with you ain’t I ain’t guilty!!

vaportrails77 says:

not sure if its the citrus. I definately see more citrus in issey miyake,
maybe its the florals. but to me both have similar characters.

YourFragranceGuru says:

Great review!

dracdoc says:

Depends on what you are wearing and how hot or cold it is… Generally your
good with 2-4

Isaias Lucero says:


topgear1138 says:

This one is a really good fragrance. Versatile yet sophisticated. You
described it very very nicely.

vinsanimo says:

what do you like better? this or libre? i like them both, but I cant really
smell that big of a difference.

erixsnaxe says:

great review bro….

dracdoc says:

Hmmm.. I would actually go with L’Eau D’Issey

PAL669 says:

very well done review thank you

mrjoestrikesagain says:

Great review Cody. I love this fragrance, but haven’t gotten around to
buying it. I might have to do that this week. As always stunning review and
wonderful fragrance. Cheers.

wagsbass says:

the perfect office scent

dracdoc says:

@bluelemons07 Interesting. I have not tried it in raining/overcast weather
but now that you mention it thats a good idea. Thanks man!

taeyeonwong says:

Would the original L’homme be better or L’homme gingembre for a teenage
guy? I heard the gingembre is really diluted and the longevity of it sucks
real bad.

bachatuuu says:

Good review. This is a very transparent fragrance and I agree its
versatility is probably its strongest point. I reach for this far more
often than I do La Nuit De Lhomme, although I like the scent of La Nuit, I
find this much easier to wear when i dont know what to wear. L’homme is a
fragrance that hides in the background, it doesnt scream or try too hard.
The scent itself is very light which is what may fool some people into
thinking longevity is horrid, it can give that impression.

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