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Why not assert your style with a Couleur Culte? Discover Chanel’s five timeless nail polish colors. More on http://www.chanel.com.

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rtron2012 says:

at 0:25 the 666 symbol of satanic masonery made with the left hand and the 3 finghers then the two hands forms the egyptian pasonic symbol of the eye of RA ….

rtron2012 says:

masonic simbolism of the all seeng eye in the brand …. mmmm

tiaandteddy says:

ikr, two of my all time faves!!

Leyla Sultanyan says:

I have 5 colors and I love them …

GlamsNailArt says:

Hey les filles 🙂
J’ai ouvert ma chaine de Nail Art et j’ai besoin de votre soutien 🙂
Venez retrouvez mes créations sur les thèmes de Roland Garros, Nabila ou encore Pretty Woman :p
Merci beaucoup 🙂

Kjadija Kassa says:


Leon C. says:

@lalenau Me too… Like too much.

francescaemc2 says:

You can get very similar colours for very little money. Type “Chanel nail polish dupes” on You Tube and you will get a lot of nice ladies who have done a lot of research!!!! Good luck! Nail polish is one place to save money: it doesn’t go on your skin 🙂

fabitapunk says:

I wish i had money for that 🙁

MademoiselleByzance says:

Superbe, magnifique: j’adore Chanel aussi pour cette …

zincink says:

so does Johnny Depp or Dave Navarro wear black pearl?

Ialenau says:

This commercial reminds me of most of Dior’s beauty ads ,strange

LaChanelphile says:

What’s better than Chanel? Chanel + New Order. Now I want to dance.

ger6111 says:

Not true to its color and chips like crazy! Dior, ONE coat covers,and stays on…come on guys,

Yone Caroline Silva says:


bherusingh chouhan says:

i like very much

Selene Lim says:

Nice Vid

Lävignë LövË says:

It’s too refined, so do not put it in T.V 😉

praguegirl93 says:

Bizarre Love Triangle

Naoto Yoshimoto says:

Bizarre Love Triangle(Extended Dance Mix)

diamonds020386 says:

I agree NEVER discontinue Black Pearl!

Silvia Dos Reis Santos says:

very nice!!!!!!!!!

Liz Reductionista says:

Black Pearl needs to be in this lineup. Please don’t discontinue it!

hibatallahe nassim says:

i love this music

frensi8888 says:

Please, could you tell me the song’s name? Thanks

Samantha A says:

how cool!

DeeDee DeLovely says:


goldbar1990 says:

William ‘Brad Pedo Pitt’ Bradley alias Satan, Control System Is coming down.

kko100k says:

Omg chanel & New order!!!!!!!

aanonymous632 says:

So creative! Why don’t they put these on TV?

Rockstarrism says:

I want that bracelet.

UrbanMuslimahUK says:

Woohoo! Loved his ad, excited for summer retail therapy 😉

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