LES BEIGES: Summer Makeup Tutorial – CHANEL

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Discover the simplicity of the new LES BEIGES collection for a natural and beautiful glow. More on http://chanel.com/-lesbeiges2015

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Hao Li says:

all this cosmetic brand try to make u think u gonna look with beautiful with these products, why not ask a ugly woman to prove the before and after results, they merely sells an illusion…

elena kaaki says:

1:26 Lara Croft is speaking

Телевова Камиля says:


TruthbeeTold Wintour says:

the real tutorial
1. awake with makeup and hair done
2. apply some makeup over your makeup
3. apply no actual makeup in you makeup video
4.look like u r good at it tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Will Chin says:

If i had perfect skin like hers….I won't even need any of those make up…..

Ema Balica says:

What's the difference? Who would buy such expensive products just to look like before aplying them?

mashail galo says:

so natural i like it??

sheldon johnson says:

I am sorry Chanel, but we can all achieve those soft looking eyeshodows with poor make-up techniques for a lot more cheaper. If your products claim to have such quality, make videos that show such thing. Not a beautiful flawless woman appling the tiniest amount on make-up on her face. Any product can make her look good. Find someone challenging or interesting for people to see your results and make them think about buying or trusting your products/brands. Don't rely on your succes and get blinded by it. You could have done better than this. Xo

Brooklyn Milany says:

Jac's face is perfect in every angle. Beautifully perfect.

Leo Reyes says:

How dare you supply those spongey eye shadow applicators in your eyeshadow quads!?

Elizabeth Zhang says:

it's jac!! <3

BongSu says:

Chanel, you need to bring Lisa back. 

Manding Dabo says:

i hate this chanel

Diana Maistrova says:

Hey, Chanel people! I know you have loyal customers, me including, but you need to step up your game. These type of videos may have worked 20 years ago. I hope you listening. There are a lot of creative competition out there….

Samantha See says:

Is it just me or nothing really happened??

HelenWinn10 says:

I haven't seen anyone just casually sweep in some eyeshadow without layering and blending it 938293 times unlike this tutorial since I was 8 lol 

Zhao Yasumoto says:


Dandi Deer says:

I agree with the other commenters.  Lacome gained a legend.  Still, Chanel has always been about finding something fresh.  In a world full of velvet, Chanel brought us jersey.  Find the talented fun makeup artist we need now.

Vicente Puche says:

LES BEIGES: Summer Makeup Tutorial – CHANEL: http://youtu.be/J4KXL92fDMg

Dolly Sumrow says:

Please make more informative, real tutorials.

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