LE ROUGE CHANEL: Beyond color

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LE ROUGE CHANEL gives new freedom to every tone and attitude. New collection: Avant-Première de CHANEL. More on http://www.chanel.com.

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Eunsu Moon says:


Eunsu Moon says:

Great water resistant

Laurenwestern1 says:

The lipstick shes wearing is : 80 suspense

sergei skiv says:

Muz. Blondie – Atomic

Тимур Иванов says:

бля что это за трек?

Alberto Nuñez says:

Sigrid! <3

Lucas Vicente says:

Mi mujer reconoció la canción. Se acuerda de 1980 en el colegio y la discoteca ¡¡

Hyeonseung Seo says:

What this song name??please

applemint96 says:

this ad is PERFECT <33 love the music.

Jeanie Poh says:

esp at 0.25!

MatrixFactoryGuy says:


Abner Zarabi says:


Łukasz Maniol says:

where is jac?

BRAKAize says:

is this Marion Cotillard’s voice??

Graff974 says:


JulkaN19 says:

Atomic by Blondie

Mignon yvonne says:

Thé song pleases ?! 🙂

Mignon yvonne says:

Sigrid is so beautiful !!! <3 ( sigrid agren <3 )

Alla Nik says:

Who is another girl on the video??

kim alric says:

Sigrid is amazing!

Julia Cheng says:

I think it is suspense 80

Monika2312100 says:

I love Singrid!!! fav chanel model by far

Monika2312100 says:

Dear Chanel would it really bother you that much to list the lipstick color? I mean why make our life more difficult?

Monika2312100 says:

What color is she wearing?I want this lipstick!!

lucrezia dellapasqua says:


ilovechocolate203 says:

i know this is sigrid, but in this commerical she looks like leighton meester

Agustín Rodrigo says:

Thank you,almost go crazy looking for the song 😀

barbara watson says:

I love Sigrid

barbara watson says:

Atomic – Blondie


Know someone this song, please?????

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