Le Petit Théâtre Dior – The Exhibition

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Discover more about the exhibition on DiorMag: http://bit.ly/PetitTheatreDior3 Subscribe to Dior YouTube Channel : http://bit.ly/RSW5RW.

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Miss Hua says:

【Le Petit Théâtre

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Fiqki Azizah says:

i had to repeat it twice .. These dresses are so beautifully awesome!!!

Susan Tan says:

What is the musical soundtrack? Is it an originallly made soundtrack just
for this video? 

Elena Kolyagina says:

Техника выполнения видео на высоком уровне) !!!

Christina Chow says:

Can anyone tell me what’s the name of this beautiful soundtrack? Can’t stop

Estela Flores says:

Gloriosa muestra de pequeñas joyas.

Lucy Plaza says:

como siempre…formidables exhibiciones!!

Sly Jackson says:

This makes me want to go to my small maniquin and create something

Sabrina LaRocca says:

Le Petit Théâtre Dior – The Exhibition: http://youtu.be/U7Ijqa0VTM0

Thuong Ho says:

omg how can i describe my feelings in words??!!

Supercalifragilis7 says:

oooooh would be a dream to see this 

Nusrat Noshin says:

1:46, brilliant!!

samiralovepalestine says:

Dior, ah, Dior … é para quem pode mesmo !! vídeo de dois minutos de
beleza, encantamento e charme francês

Hector Hugo says:

Whoa!!! tan hermoso y perfecto como es costumbre con DIOR

Adrian Villafan-Cardozo says:

this is beyond AMAZING…

claryhoneybaby says:

I could watch this all day.

Yizhou Tang says:

omg amazing! It’s a pity that I could not be in Chengdu to see it.

yani rodriguez says:

simplemente perfecto 🙂 <3

emdm2011 says:


pinkcyclop says:

This is so beautiful.

Maco2041 says:

du grd ART

Nicki Harris says:


Ruta Rackyte says:

Dior heaven

Gustavo Piffer says:

love! love! love!

Prince Charles Dormido says:

Wow! The Exhibit looks so chic!

Татьяна Романова says:

Le Petit Théâtre Dior – The Exhibition

Theresa G. says:


Michaela Pavelková says:

wow lthis is a dream 😀 wonderful

Gabito Cherry says:

this is absolutely beautiful, amazing!

Осень Лето says:


Blue Velvet Vintage says:

Must watch! Dior’s PetiteTheatre de la Mode Travelling Exhibit. Miniature
replicas of his fashions painstakingly recreated down to the last detail.

cesar monsieur says:


Celia Regina Pessutti says:

Amazing !

Tanja K. says:

Want this to come to the Netherlands!

Charlotte Issyvoo says:



Le Petit Théâtre Dior – The Exhibition

Jess says:

looks incredible! wish i could see it in person 

ghania kaddouri says:

J’adore c’est juste manifique

Luksika Somphoom says:

เลอค่า <3

Jaime Andrés Cruz says:


hikaru7 Channel says:

Le Petit Théâtre Dior – The Exhibition: http://youtu.be/U7Ijqa0VTM0

Estela Aguilar says:

Que perfección y que dulzura!

Linx .T says:

Magnifique !

Luar López de la Osa says:

It’s the paradior!!!

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