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Learn how to create the total matte look with the FALL-WINTER 2018 COLLECTION. Matte colours for lips, eyes, cheeks and nails.

Create the total matte look with the latest limited edition LES 4 OMBRES created by Lucia Pica for the FALL-WINTER 2018 collection – matte colours for lips, eyes, cheeks and nails.

Discover the collection on https://Chanel.com

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Boulkelia Sara says:

güzel 💖💖

joshcka says:

OMG it's Aimee ❤

the Voice in your head says:

Step 1: Have beautiful eyes.

Anna says:

Models name is Aimee Chen Bradshaw she was a finalist on Asia's next top model

RossWinchester says:

I'm in love eith the color pf her nails, what is ti?

Vidle v jidle says:

This one's good.

Микита Ангелов says:

Love this tone)))

Hanka Gerretsen says:

Beautiful model…

Mithun B says:

Yes.. Very nice 💖

Jihye K says:

the matte look is back? i prefer a bit of shimmer but it's a great look for the fall and the model is gorgeous. who is she?

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