Le Film – CHANEL N°5

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CHANEL N°5 advertising film from 2004 “Le film,” by Baz Luhrmann, with Nicole Kidman Music: “Clair de lune” (in “Suite Bergamasque,” by Claude Debussy, perfo…

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monjiaitaly says:

hehehehehhe stupid.

Jan Di says:

It’s just perfect. Epicness in every second 🙂

Diana Yo says:


cheynnasunshine says:

So moulin rouge inspired ❤

Miguel T says:

Rodrigo Santoro is in good company….wow. Good luck!

PattzSunako27 says:

Still a better story than Twilight xD

Emanuel Lopez says:

That girl will break my heart 🙂

drawingangel2 says:

check this out! Answers your question.


shalu singh says:

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sweetgirlness says:

Does anyone know whatever happened to Chanels 1 through 4?

gold diamond says:

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ppw00 says:

eat it brad pitt

levent islek says:

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Galina Ts says:

Expensive, luxurious, romantic! Rodrigo and Nicole are beautiful! Music is awesome! All perfect. This is Chanel

Chris Yang says:

this could be a movie -.-

lulusapples says:

i forgot about how much i really don’t like this advert. nothing but bad two minute chick flick.

EverythingAtOnce1992 says:

Would look much better with less Botox…

sara219wonderland says:

This just makes me think of A Week With Marilyn, especially when Nicole says I dont care about tomorrow.

Anna Panic says:

I think that´s the point! 🙂

Matthew Hocter says:


Carla Mattos says:

Brazilian actor’s Rodrigo Santoro is amazing!!!!

Constance Lavender says:

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TheKattttt says:

It’s supposed to…

TheSarah730 says:

Professor Combs brought me here

Ivan Moya says:

something similiar happend with me this saturday, i cant stop watching this video.. make me remember

Guimmi says:

This looks like a movie trailer, rather than a perfume commercial 

Kensiemaurine says:

Reminds me a bit of Moulin Rouge

Shannon Shearman says:

all this for a perfume haha

Lena Muo says:

ughh. the goosebumps everywhere. so beautiful

SanBeanzie says:

The Brad Pitt one is better … and that’s not a joke :P.

Koko1Kiri says:

She is so beautiful in this.

19FOMALHAUT78 says:

You are so right!
Brad Pitt should do commercials for something like…

Nathalie João says:

1:34, so peaceful *.*

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