Law x Gucci Mane “Know Me” (Prod. by Zaytoven) (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for “Know Me” by Law ft Gucci Mane.

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Erick Morales says:


Erick Morales says:

In that video I was the two brothers and the friend dacneing he is lit and his mask

B.Blessed Beats says:

I watched the video in 4K but then remembered that it would not matter since my display ain't even 4K.

Projeckz001 says:

I'm Hurr bc of a Zaytoven beat

dream chaser says:

Burr wizza

based esco says:

that epic la weed play word was lit

Techie In This Bitch says:

Nigga trynna be future

Matty M says:

Im gucci weshbrook

Kaz Rizzel says:

shi nigga fuk Ayr..try nin ten times wit flats n fo..u bit try cast u bit…nin told u once..I guccy Dolla guccy..Yea hoe is wit out..out clean on them project steps…4 five to fo five to fo nin. clap

Kaz Rizzel says:

u got three nine days fo nium

Kaz Rizzel says:

a company name sued sued my artist..guccy ping…mad cry baby face…already ask to b in vid…can't leave the Lou…

Kaz Rizzel says:

a 4 season give my bitch her ring BKK..u lil nigga on camera sued..mad trying box sued..4.
sencere 7 ta 30.. bokbok..

Coop Dareal says:

Gucci pronouncing tf out them words, can't call this mumble rap Lil bitches.! and this song lit all the way through ???

Tony Abrego says:

that shit trash

Alexzay Blog says:

Who here b4 a Milli???

yoMaxx says:

Damn they got Ayo & Teo in this hoe, that's tight

yoMaxx says:

Does anyone know where the old Gucci is ?

Black Jesus says:

This nigga pay the feat with his own house

Hunter Walsh says:

this song is lit bro

SayySooFlyy says:

I'm proud of gucci

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