“LANVIN” Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 Paris HD by Fashion Channel

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yes hunny. Flawless

Kayenne54 says:

I had to check the date this video was posted; thought from the first model it was 1986.

Derek Torres-Pruitt says:


MtEdeNLov3R says:

The people were running because they didnt want to the clothes ever again

seanzscorpio says:

Excellent clothes, shit video…

howie Getants says:

8:09 OMG what a walk!!

yves courtois says:

nulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! A shit

yves courtois says:

une femme élégante ne marche pas comme ça!

clay byrd says:

I'm so bored with the dark runway presentations UGH!!!

zacatecas570 says:

This is Lanvin.

zacatecas570 says:

The song at 5:00 anyone?
First song is: "20 Hz" by Capricorn.


and ps this collection is so fierce. Christiane F realness


the music is amazing. Does anyone know it?

Richard Leclerc says:

valentino is divine.

Richard Leclerc says:

the worst imaginable , after such beauty last season….! this show was cheap and stiff and shiny and vulgar. does alber now hate women and want them to , literally , look like trash ? well he must hate women now and women do look like trash in lanvin. awful , awful , awful. a sad day for lanvin and a very sad day for alber elbaz. geoffrey beene is spinning in his grave. lousy show.

Sophie ah says:

video de mauvaise qualité dommage…

AlleninaTube says:

Feifeisun is effin gorgeous in the champaign dress…

m dl says:

Those metallic candy wrap dressed are hideous and cheap looking. The lighting is just horrible, you can't clearly see anything that's not as loud as the first pieces, I wonder if its to hide how bad everything is.

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