Lailli Summer 2015 Haul: Chanel, Louboutin, Hermes, Givenchy, Stella Mccartney & More!

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It’s my summer 2015 haul with purchases from Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Givenchy, Valentino, Stella Mccartney and Alexander Wang. I want to know what some of your favourite purchases of the summer are? Also don’t forget to follow us (Lailli & Alizey) on Snapchat ‘pintsidedfash’ and also watch out for our 50k sub competition coming really soon 🙂 xx

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Lashay Holmes says:

I like when you say I just had to have it :-)

Camille F says:

Please do makeup videos!

livve olivia says:

what is the song at the beging

ann malik says:

sorry how much was chanel bag that looks awesome thanks

Sana Rafiq says:

Where did she get 50% off Chanel from

nika del rey says:

but how do you make that much money your age, can you do a video on it maybe ?

Cassy Colon says:

omg how old are you how do you afford all this stuff lol !!!!….
serious question. and I'm not trying offend you pretty please don't take this offensive are you a sugar baby ?

Krizia Garcia says:

Her favourite line: "I just had to have them"

Cecilia Xu says:

Where did you buy your Wang bag? I actually really like the colour :)

Snobbish Hipster says:

Wow how pathetically materialistic can you be? Sad.

April H says:

r u a sugar baby

Ania B says:

Why are some of you so fucking dumb she is obviously a luxury blogger if you're gonna hate on the fact that she has the money to by herself these things leave her video and go watch a primark haul

urbanbeautyy says:

Okay so you're wearing dead animals because you "just had to buy them" aghhhh the frustrations. I'll refrain from saying much more but the world is FUCKED UP.

Ems 19 says:

It's not like I think she shouldn't spent so much money on fashion, definitely not, but it does bother me that she buys things so easily. Like money is not even important. Of course I'd love to live a life where I don't have to worry about how much money I spent, it does bother me a bit that she so easily buys something she doesn't even completely like. Whenever I want to buy a shirt that's above €50 I'll have to think really hard and well if it's something I really really need…
I am not judging in any way though. I'd love to be able to live a lifestyle like hers if I have a good job later, it's just that I would still think about what I buy, especially with these kind of price tags.

Charlotte Lees-Bowyer says:

She has all this money but she can't iron her top??

Valentina Cook says:

Why does she keep looking round the room. It's so distracting.

pralinecookies says:

it is rude to ask where people get their money. That is personal and no one else's business the same way you wouldn't ask someone how much they weigh you should never ask about their finances.

All anyone needs to know is she obviously can afford the things she buys.

Socheata Vong says:

I wish you showed what the shoes looked like on!

Kelian Grace says:

I honestly don't know why you receive so much hate. Why are they even watching your videos if they have to say that stuff about you. You're videos are amazing!! xx

Lyrics of Today says:

Hey beauty! I found your channel today and now I'm freaking obsessed! lol! I was wondering if since you got a new laptop youre going to be selling your macbook pro? Let me know! 🙂 have a great day

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