‘Lady Dior As Seen By’ exhibition – report

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Discover the report of the ‘Lady Dior As Seen By’ exhibition. More on: http://www.dior.com/ Subscribe to Dior YouTube Channel : http://bit.ly/RSW5RW.

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ViVi Addams says:

It will be sooo cool if people can stop leaving the name of song out because just as much I like clothes I also love the music that goes along with it. Thank you!

junharada90 says:

i want to be in the shows… 🙂

Bachy Bachynacek says:

So beautiful !

atelier482 says:

I think the art pieces are absolutely phenomenal. Kudos to the artists.

Mathea Rossi says:

Can’t wait to get my own Miss Dior purse! Dior is by far the most creative and elegant brand <3

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