Labor Day Haul: Louis Vuitton, RoseWholesale and more

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Close 1. Crop Tops: 2. Orange Handbag: http://www.rosewholesal…

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LadyY2U says:

Nice haul!! Love the hair! Is your necklace able to be purchased? I have it similar but in blk & white. I just love it!! Thanks in advance!!

Nicolemaria25 says:

Me and you have the same taste in most things.

Nicolemaria25 says:

I love the Eva clutch. I use mines almost everyday. I have it in the damier print;-)


You have such implacable taste!! I love your reviews, you should be in QVC because you sound and look just like a professional product model/ spokeswoman 🙂

Bendita di Maria says:

i didnt even finish watching but already ordered lol

krissy kole says:

Are you into the waist training corsets, (not that you need it….lol),
if so can you share..your reviews are trustforthy!!! lol

krissy kole says:

Beautiful..Great haul…..Good ideal to give prices…Hair is niceeeee…btw what color this that on your lips

keishsiek says:

I definitely appreciate knowing the prices of things, too! Nice haul!

BeautyLikeMaureen says:

Lovely haul.

Chayill Givenchy says:

o i love the orange handbag and the eva clutch! your looking goregous doll 🙂

breanna34 says:

Thank you for including the prices, people like to be so conservative when it comes to talking about how much they paid for their pieces. Like give me a break! lol


Also thanks for mentioning the prices. I hate when other folks don’t mention the price. I need to know how much coins to save.

MizzRitaBabe24 says:

Yea I love the clutch as well good choice its super cute!!!

naijagirl88 says:

Yay! Love the buys!


Your gorgeous. I am rocking the same hairstyle. I love all your handbags. I need a husband. Lol Thanks for sharing your purchases.

sweetiepie9411 says:

Ha! i also have that same body central dress! I was like 10 dollars I have to get it 🙂

sweetiepie9411 says:

I have the egyptian matching separate I got it in a store together it was only 25 dollars lol It was like those club type stores I’m sure there is some in your area :)

TRINAfromNY says:

Your hair is gorgeous! I’m looking forward to the review on it. I love all your items! Hubby’s so sweet.

Ray Justin says:

Great review 😀

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